Hello! I'm Mellie! 

That's short for Melanie, in case you were wondering. And my middle name is Rose. Hence, "Mellie Rose." My last name - Test - makes for an adventure! Since so many businesses create "test" accounts online, I've had airline tickets cancelled, email accounts deleted, and lots of laughs when people crack ALL THE JOKES (okay, yes, they're funny)! This is also why on Facebook I show up as "Mellie RoseTest"... because Facebook has deemed that "Test" alone is invalid as a surname! And Facebook rules the world, right?!

So, Want to Know More About this Dancing Uniquorn?

Besides being a busy single mom to a 7yo boy and 2 large and rambunctious mutts, I am a multitalented, multidimensional intuitive artist, graphic designer, teacher, speaker, and healer. And I like to wear unicorn hats. And hoodies. And onesies.

I create gorgeous graphics for conscious entrepreneurs, stunning intuitive paintings infused with healing energy, and I am an intuitive/channeled art instructor as well.

My logos are stunning and often intricate; my graphics are always on par, and my service to my clients is unparalleled.

I am not your typical artist or designer; when I work with clients, I tap into them energetically, creating finished designs completely aligned to the highest version of themselves and their business - THIS is what makes me special and sets her apart. I also infuse tons and tons of healing energy into all of my work to support my clients in a deeper way. My clients literally *feel* the love when they work with me.

I have also designed THREE gorgeous decks of Oracle Cards, and because I wanted this magical creation process to be accessible to more people, I've created a simple yet comprehensive course to teach you how you can easily design and print your own deck!

Dance Like No One's Watching!

Okay, this is a fox dress and not my uniquorn garb, but I crack myself up (and hopefully make YOU smile too)!

Your Permission to Shine

There are NO absolutes in life. NOTHING is for certain. And I firmly believe that we are constantly changing, constantly evolving, and we are best served when we give ourselves PERMISSION to be our true, authentic selves. When we get quiet and listen to the stillness within. When we shut off all the mind chatter about strategy and comparison and "have to." When we are willing to follow our nudges and be open the the unexpected. Because there lies the MAGIC.

YOU are UNIQUE. You DESERVE to invest in yourself. Your business, your self-care, your mindset, your lifestyle.

I approach each project with an open mind and heart. I tune into YOU. Your ESSENCE. And I literally infuse that into the eye candy I create. Which makes it more like SOUL candy.

The artwork and graphics you get from me will have POWERFUL RESONANCE. Resonance that your clients will FEEL and want to be a part of. There's a depth to what I do that is special. Because YOU MATTER to me.

Magic is in My Soul. AND YOURS.

In my FEELING. In my ability to translate energies into transformational forms.

I make it accessible. I build the bridge. I create a new world of possibility for my clients to hand them their own keys.

My talent is getting out of the way. Getting out of the mind and being able to pivot, to adapt, to follow without questioning. As I allow yourself to be led, I capitalize on the potency of the moment. The opportunities can’t slip through my fingers because I’m present enough to receive them.

I’m a bridge for my clients… bridging from what they THINK to what they ARE. I am helping them open to receive what is waiting for them. I am bringing them into the present with me and thereby opening new doors for us both.

I am a Guide. 

I guide you back to your heart, your joy, by leading you fearlessly into the unknown, thereby giving you the courage to be who you CAN be. I am leading you into the knowledge of self and the embodiment of your own power. I am allowing a shift in your perspective.  Allowing an embodiment you can FEEL. 

Getting you in touch with your own essence, which is OUT of the mind. BEYOND the mind. It is pure essence.

You will be taken into new realms, and that can only mean the unexpected. For you can’t see what’s beyond the door until it’s opened. I am a portal, guiding you into your own light. I show you the map to your infinite resources through the power of creativity. Of openness. Of receptivity. 

I teach you, even as I provide for you. I am the bridge to your own magic.

I'm an empath. I want to people (you) to feel joy, seen, valued, and taken care of. Everything I do is done with love and genuine heart.

Some Inspiring Words from my Incredible Soulmate Clients

Mellie is an amazing soul who can just feel into who you are and what you bring and somehow capture this in a logo! Her work is phenomenal. I am more than thrilled with it! Forever grateful to you Mellie!

I came to you wanting all sorts of paradoxes and you somehow managed to unearth perfection despite my garbled confusions about what I wanted! I don’t know how you did it!

You really are a miracle worker! I couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect logo for my business! I am SO IN LOVE IT THAT I COULD WEEP (in fact, I did have a tear! It’s just so perfectly me - I just can’t stop looking at it.

Thank you forever.
— M. Mills

Mellie is a fabulously authentic, gifted, and super tapped-in intuitive designer. The logo she created for me captures not only the energy I was looking for, but so much hidden symbolism in the form of simplicity. She tunes into her client and into her own wellspring of creative genius. It’s always a pleasure interacting with her and together infinite possibilities of co-creation for a brand, logo, design, or work of art is truly possible.
— K. Rikka

Amazing! Mellie is uber-talented and so deeply connected to the essence and soul of who we are and what we bring to the world!
— H. Schneider

Mellie really is amazing! She designed my first eBook “Making A Difference” and even though we’ve never met in person before, she had a very good & accurate feeling about what I envision from the very start. It was super easy to get in touch with her and each new draft was delivered in time and with the changes I requested. I particularly love Mellie’s ability to follow her client’s feedback as well as adding her own creative touch to the project. I am so proud and excited about what we’ve created together!
— R. Fellermeier
I was so thankful I was able to get in a special that Mellie did about a week ago. She not only worked with what I wanted, but what got me, was that when she told me what she thought would work she brought up things I had been thinking about for my brand that I hadn’t even told her. She was patient with me, which was my favorite! After thinking about it for a couple days we came up with the my perfect logo that I am beyond happy with!
— M. McReavy

I want you to know that I am soooo glad I asked for YOUR help. :) Thank you so much; I freakin’ looove how you used my pics! So clean and clear. ;) You are an incredible woman! My lord, I could not be happier. This looks freakin’ fantastic!! Amazing!!!


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