Channeled just for YOU to support your intentions and desired resonance, and mailed to your doorstep!

Custom encoded with a recipe of Anahata Code Assisting Frequencies and Sacred Activation(s). You will also receive the encoded audio recording of your Sacred Activation session to deepen the magic!

Just $444 + postage for your own powerful personal and  piece of activated alchemy + energy work!

This is an intuitive, channeled abstract piece of original art - to heal and support your soul. Instead of pulling a card for you, I bring through the energies and channel healing art and messages for you!  I channel energy into my art so that you can be supported in whatever intentions or healing you desire. You are also welcome to request that I bring through "whatever would be most supportive for you right now."

The Process:

  1. Purchase your art via the PayPal button, and include any intentions and/or what you're needing support with.
  2. I'll tune in to your Higher Self and ask which Anahata Cods and Sacred Activations you most need to support your intention and to resonate with your desires.
  3. I'll create the artwork completely intuitively, layer upon layer upon layer. These are not rushed. 
  4. I'll email you a Sacred Activations and Anahata Codes audio recording with a photo of your completed piece.
  5. I'll snail mail you the actual encoded artwork!

$444 plus postage

Your Intentions


Intuitive activated 6x6 inch commission complete. Activations and frequencies, as chosen by my client's higher self (whew! Potent!):


Brain in Balance
This activation may allow you to be more lined up and able to function in both sides of the brain. Making it much easier for you to focus on your work and other aspects of your life.

Crop Circle
This activation enables you to connect with and understand the messages, codes and vibrations of the crop circles themselves as well as raising your own energy levels to the highest vibration of each code.

Plugs you into the unconditional love grid system around Mother Earth. It is truly amazing to be in unconditional love, which means without judgment of self or others. The goal here is minimize the fear and suffering grid system to the size of a pea and expand the unconditional love grid system to size of a watermelon. When this happens, the wars on this planet will cease; we will be work together knowing that we are all connected to this amazing energy and love.

Finding Just Myself
Unmasks the robots around you. Center in the self. Blinders to others’ stuff.

Demon Free World
This deactivation clears the trauma and fear around this and clears the need to experience it in the future.


Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo is considered an elder with high magical energy, and is used for longevity. Ginkgo trees can be carried for healing, and the leaf can be used in healing rituals and as support in all creative work.

Dolphin Totem Animal Medicine
The dolphin spirit animal represents harmony and balance. Dolphins are both highly intelligent and closely in tune with their instincts, striking a balance between the two states. Dolphins are also a symbol of protection and of resurrection. Their playful nature is a reminder that everyone needs to approach life with humor and joy.

Guards against theft. Rids body and blood of toxins and impurities - for efficiency, and so your spiritual vibration can rise to a higher level. Ground cumin fosters loyalty and ignites passion. 

Chochmah of the 32 Paths of Wisdom

Associated with protection, healing, abundance, blessings, banishing, consecration, cursing, purification, and cleansing.

Charged with the following activation and frequencies:

Sacred Heart Sacred Activation
This activation is the third in the sequence of heart activations, Christ Consciousness, Mother Mary and Sacred Heart. This one brings up your limiting beliefs about other people and cultures. It brings up your stuff blocking loving yourself and loving others for who they truly are. This activation enables you to live in your heart.

Anahata Codes Assisting Frequencies:

Color Green.
Healing and growth.

Blood flow and circulation.
Circulating life force and nourishment. Endurance.

Diuresis Biological Process
Discharging great batches of what’s no longer needed - massive clearing on all levels throughout time and space.

174 hz Solfeggio frequency
Reduces pain physically and energetically. Gives your organs a sense of security, safety and love, encouraging them to do their best.


Octahedron Sacred Geometry
Octahedron represents the element of Air and is linked to the Heart Chakra; the center for love and compassion, healing and nurturing, acceptance and forgiveness.
Attunes us to the more spiritual nature of our self.

Color Orange  
Optimism and expansion.

Drives away fear and impotence physical and emotional; eases blood problems, kidney stones, internal and external bleeding, improves circulation and reduces fevers. 

Color Blue

Holds the symbolic meaning of peace and tranquility.


Sacred Water Activation
The water of the Sun and Moon Pyramids and Ravne Tunnels in Bosnia is encoded with ancient wisdom, secrets, information and healing vibrations. The Sacred Water Activation will connect you with the vibration ,wisdom and healing properties of the water from the Sun and Moon Pyramids and Ravne Tunnels. 

Ravne Tunnels
The go-to Sacred Activation for any situation in your life. 

Heavy Metal Detoxification
Every day, we come in contact with heavy metals. They fall from the sky, are in our food and other items such as toothpaste and deodorant. This activation assists in clearing and detoxing your body of these heavy metals.

Blue holds the symbolic meaning of peace and tranquility.

I tune into my clients and receive which Anahata Codes and Sacred Activations they need for support, then infuse those into their piece. This one came through to support my client in starting a new chapter as her kids begin school and she has time to blossom into her own potential.


Pet Karma.
Animals are innocent beings who are extremely intuitive and full of unconditional love. They are here elevating the frequency of the planet and often buffering the hostile energies of humanity. Yet many humans see them as “less than” humans, often treating them so - although the opposite is actually the case. When this activation comes up for a human being, it’s often to heal the parts of ourselves (in this lifetime and all past, present, and future lifetimes) that feel “less than human” or have suffered abuse or trauma at the hands of others who see them as “less than."

Heart Song.
Hearing your own heart song and turning up the volume.

Unf*ck Yourself from Others and Your Own BS.
No more excuses. No more taking on the opinions of others. No more reliving the stickiness that’s been perpetuated by that muck! Clears through all lifetimes, the collective.


Zinc promotes the development of intelligence, abstract thinking. It encourages spontaneity and intuition. Zinc indicates great changes in your life. It breaks up outworn structures and helps use these upheavals in a meaningful way for creating better circumstances in our life. It brings idealism and intensifies our lives. Zinc encourages the ability to communicate.

The Fool - Tarot Archetype.
The Fool is always an indicator of newness; as well as the purity and open-hearted energy of a child. In general, the fool would indicate new beginnings that have some deeper spiritual meaning.

528 hz Solfeggio frequency.
Miracle tone. DNA Repair. Heart Chakra Resonance. Anahata. Initiate transformation and miracles.

Moon (New Moon/Black Moon).
Represents great awakening and clarity. Extremely powerful and often indicate a sharp turning point in a cycle - indicates a powerful blossoming process and one that has probably been in the works for some time.

Magically infused with these supportive and spirit-chosen Anahata Code Assisting Frequencies:
528 hz Solfeggio frequency.
Miracle tone. DNA Repair. Heart Chakra Resonance. Anahata. Initiate transformation and miracles.

Planetary Energy of Mercury.
Communication / Thinking.

Planetary Energy of the Moon.
Emotion / Moods.

741 hz Solfeggio frequency.
Awaken intution. Consciousness Expansion.

Bladder Meridian Balancing
Balances lack of energy, being inflexible and fearful, resisting change and basic negative attitude
When Balanced: Hopeful, looking forward, calm and peaceful.

Dandelion (taraxacum officinale).
Magickal uses include divination, wishes and calling spirits. Increases psychic
ability. Dandelion has an “opening and cleansing quality… it openeth passages.”


T2 hormone balance
T2 acts on the mitochondria directly, immediately increasing the rate of mitochondrial respiration, with a consequent increase in ATP production. The hyperthyroid condition of peak kundalini will automatically eventually lead into a prolonged hypothyroid condition, so it is imperative to take adequate kelp supplementation during an awakening. Depending on what the primary socio-psychological triggers to a particular awakening are, this will determine the hormonal mix and whether the overall awakening serves to be more anabolic (building) or catabolic (breakdown). First awakenings tend to be more adrenalized in general as a fear response to the unusual chemistry.

Dandelion (taraxacum officinale)
Healing, purification and defeating negativity. Dandelion is also a very Mercurial weed associated with the air element explaining its use in increasing psychic ability.


Feast or Famine
Clearing attachments and patterns through all lifetimes of needing the extremes and believing there’s always a polarity or either/or.

“I'm bored if I'm not battling something”
Clearing the attachment to having to be busy - and subconsciously creating trauma or struggle to keep you busy. Clearing the idea of "struggle to prevent boredom" so that we can allow joy and happiness and enjoyment of life to keep us busy instead.

Dragon Pyramid Activation
This a powerful Sacred Activation channeled to change and transform your Limiting beliefs and patternings absorbed from your culture, heritage, family lineage and the collective. We also focus on neutralizing and releasing generational energy blocks, along with old, outdated and limiting paradigms from religion, war, poverty and more.

What are Anahata Codes/Assisting Frequencies?

Mellie is a Certified Anahata Codes Practitioner. Assisting Frequencies are frequency articulations of something in nature that energetically vibrates at a resonance your energy body needs to balance on all levels for highest good. Holly Hallowell (Anahata) channels the codes and offers them for free on her website

What are Sacred Activations?

The Sacred Activations were founded by Tamra Oviatt and I (Mellie) am certified at the Master Practitioner level. SAs are structured to work with you on all levels and layers of your body and energy field: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, history, generational, your RNA, DNA, throughout all dimensions, time, space and realities. A Sacred Activation gives you a high vibration energy that shifts the limiting programs which are incompatible with that new higher vibration, and at the same time disconnects you from the associated limited collective consciousness energy.  


You will also receive a custom Sacred Activations and Anahata Codes audio to deepen the magic!

Let me know which intentions you have for your artwork, so that I can infuse it with as much magical juju JUST FOR YOU as possible!


$444 plus postage

Your Intentions


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