Claim Your Magic Membership

I've felt drawn to bring through a deeper, more consistent experience of support and magic... leading you, of course to claim YOUR MAGIC! Your unique soul expression. Through the power and innate magnetism of your heart space. The Source Point.


While I do offer a lot of support in my free Facebook Group, Inspired Intuitive Art & Action, I've been craving the ability to dive deeper with those who are ready to "go there." With access to these tools:

  • One full-length live (with recording) Soul Art Session per month (guided intuitive creation with Sacred Activations and Arcturian healing as you create, to allow shifts and support for transformation and expression - $150+ value)
  • One monthly group Sacred Activations recorded or live session to clear limiting beliefs and patterns through all time since dimension and reality with 7-10+ Activations including DNA Activations (a $300+ value alone)
  • Monthly personal oracle card pull - just for YOU! - from one of my 5 original magical oracle decks, plus additional intuitive insights ($35+ value)
  • Monthly Anahata Codes recorded session for the group with up to 10 Assisting Frequency codes to clear blocks and activate quantum support ($77+ value)
  • 50% off any of my courses or 1:1 sessions (excluding session packages) as long as you're a member!
  • Plus, any other goodies (free original coloring pages, meditations, movement sessions, new channeled "downloads" etc) that I feel inspired to share EXCLUSIVELY with you!

Everything will be available through our private Facebook group. You'll be able to ask questions, post your creations for feedback, and have access to each month's live invites and recordings. You will have until one week into the new month to download the previous month's materials before they make room for the new - I'll remind you!

THREE Magical Choices to Join:

$15 per week

(cancel anytime through Paypal)

$49 per month

(cancel anytime through Paypal)

$367 per year

(cancel anytime through Paypal)

Notes and Reminders:

  • Your expectations will determine what you receive; we are all responsible for our own energy! I recommend joining when you feel playful and curious and your heart is literally PULLING you forward.
  • You can cancel easily at ANY TIME through Paypal: Sign into your PayPal account, click on "Profile" and choose "Profile and Settings," the "My Money," then "My Preapproved Payments" and click "Update." Then find your subscription, click the link, and on the next page click "Cancel" link underneath where it says "Active." Easy (but I really hope you stay)!
  • No refunds will be issued, because of the amount of value and support you'll have access to immediately. And because the minimum commitment is just one week, you're welcome to start as slowly as feels safe and cozy and comfortable...
  • Any 50% off 1:1 sessions you schedule must be completed before you cancel, to honor the gift and exchange.