Channeled Art Video + Supporting YOUR Intentions

Today, I felt inspired to bring through another piece of channeled art just for you. In the video, I lead you through a short guided meditation, then bring the supportive transformative energies into 3D (onto paper with watercolor, ink, chalk pastel and oil pastel) and allow them to alchemize into a living totem.

I'm running Reiki to support you, and you'll receive it simply by tuning in, intending, and watching me create! I also channel healing energies through my voice. Win-win magical support for YOU.

Here we go...

Download a high res version of this magical image on Dropbox! It's encoded for you, so printing it out, hanging it up, using it as a desktop wallpaper... all of these (and more) will help to entrain your new vibrational state, allowing you to match and receive what you intend.

If you'd like to use the image intentionally:

  • Relax, take a deep breath, and bring all of your scattered energies back into the pulsing orb of your heart center.
  • Set your intentions, then open to receive.
  • Gaze at the image and allow yourself to FEEL the energies. Notice anything that comes into your awareness.
  • Open and receive the high frequencies, allowing them to amplify your own light and raise your vibration, and receive support for your alignment, abundance, and intentions.
  • You can trust that you are receiving EXACLY what you need!