Channeled Art, Reiki & a Group Healing!

Yet again I felt inspired to channel some art for you, infused with your intentions, and I'm bringing through some more Reiki for you, as well.

These short and quick pieces are a huge step outside my comfort zone, because I LOVE working with mixed media and layers, but a short timeframe doesn't give the layers enough time to dry completely. So things get a little messier... which is where we remember to LET GO. 

I KNOW I've set the intentions and I KNOW I'm bringing through powerful energies, and I KNOW, however the piece ends up looking, that it will be just perfect. Maybe you'll get a story from it. Maybe its creation will mirror elements of your own path. Maybe you'll feel an added boost of healing or motivation. Whatever happens, you and I know it will be PERFECT.


Take a moment to center yourself, feel the edges of your body so you know you're not floating out in space, and then set your intentions. I've set my own intention to bring through supportive energies for anyone who comes into contact with this video now and in the future (that would be YOU, by the way!), so have confidence that, by watching, you will receive exactly what you need and desire.

You can also save the image (which is infused with the energies) to support you as long as you like and need!