Patience and Trust (and Peacock Magic!)

We're all learning lessons ALL of the time, right? Well, one of my biggest lessons in this lifetime is patience. Patience stemming from TRUST.

I do so much inner work AND outer work that I often desire to see the outward manifestations NOW. As if I need proof that what I'm doing is working. Even though I KNOW, deep down, that I'm on the right path. 

In my intuitive painting practice, I usually focus on the joy the next move or gesture that I'm compelled to make... IN THE MOMENT. The PAINTING tells me when it's done - whether it takes me two hours or two MONTHS (or more!) to complete it. It's about the energy. The alchemy of layer after layer interacting and integrating and creating a completely new magic.

Yet I have to admit that with this painting, I let impatience get the best of me. 

This painting kept GOING and GOING... layer after layer, and no direction that I could identify was revealing itself to me. So I kept painting and painting, covering up and starting anew... until I stopped.

I had had enough. So *I* told the painting it was done at this stage:

When I FORCED it to be done...

When I FORCED it to be done...

*I* FORCED the painting to be done. I forced some shapes. I told it to STOP. 

But it didn't, really...

Because it called me to pick it up again a couple weeks ago.

I had been hesitant to hang it in my home, even, because I KNEW it wasn't organic. It wasn't "right."

Yet now, many layers later (and I ADORE how the potent pyramid is still peeking through this peacock energy and magic)... I LOVE it.

When it finally TOLD me it's REALLY done! Even more magical!

When it finally TOLD me it's REALLY done! Even more magical!

You can look at your life this way, too, you know. 

Where are you FORCING things? Where are you TRYING to make your business or your life fit a certain picture? Where are you giving up (like I initially did with this painting) too soon?

Where can you give yourself permission to go back and pick it up again?

To give it - and your SELF - a second chance? To TRUST that the flow already KNOWS where to go? To trust that you don't need to micromanage or obsess over ANYTHING... in fact, micromanaging closes down the channels of receptivity IMMEDIATELY.

So...where can you soften and allow the flow to resume?

By the way, since I channel pure energies directly into my artwork, there's a LOT of peacock energy here for you to sink into! Allow yourself to relax your gaze as you look at the final image and absorb. And TRUST you're receiving what you need!

What's REALLY funny is that I just now looked up peacock energy - after having written this post - and what does peacock emphasize? TRUST! And TIMING!

According to Carrie Hart's Power Animals Unleashed site:

The peacock knows just when to show his  gifts to the world.  He is capable of folding his tail quietly and waiting.  Then, when the time is right, he calls out powerfully and fans his tail, showing his breathtaking beauty for all the world to see.  He will bring you this powerful gift of timing and intuition, so that you do not weaken your dazzling energy through overexposure of your great gifts.