In YOUR brand colors!



I'm offering completely original, intuitive, and handcrafted watercolor backgrounds - MAGICALLY infused with the energy of your business - to use for your social media backgrounds, web banners and graphics, desktop and phone wallpapers, and more! 

The samples to the left are not high-res in order to prevent "borrowing." :) 

This is original, handmade, intuitive art using actual high quality art supplies. No fancy Photoshop filters or one-click wonder effects. It's PERSONAL. It's POWERFUL. I'm a natural channel and a healer, so I infuse energies to support you and you business. 

I primarily use Schmincke Horadam and Daniel Smith artists' grade watercolors, and supplement occasionally with the vibrant Peerless or Gansai Tambi.

I'll email you a jpg or png of your final background when complete.  

The graphic file you receive will be 2-3 MB in file size. Which means the file is large enough to provide you with TONS of variety using the same image if you crop it in different ways, zoom in and out, etc. I can even create a SUITE of complementary backgrounds for you, if you'd like to order several using the same color scheme!  

If you'd like me to snail mail you the original watercolor all I ask for is postage... AND please let me know so that we can coordinate envelope and shipping costs and so that I don't use it as an initial layer for new art! I tend to be creatively prolific that way. ;)

I do my best to use the colors you request and I intuitively create these fluid backgrounds. Due to the unpredictable nature of watercolor (these are handmade, therefore inherently "imperfect," and watercolors naturally blend), it is impossible to make 100% accurate color matches, or for these pieces to be art directed. This is intuitive ORIGINAL ART at an insanely low price, so that I can reach more of you! :)

Are You Ready for MAGIC?! Just $67 per MAGICAL healing background image!

What are your colors?

Additional requests

Because of my upfront investment of time, materials, energy, and care, no refunds will be issued.