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What kind of magic? Uniquorn Magic.

I put my heart and your soul into each piece I create. They are infused with reiki, multidimensional healing, and other channeled energies as I tune into your energy - and that of your business - intended to support you and your biz/program/package... These energies EVOLVE as you do. My visual marks HEAL and they beckon your clients on an energetic level. Not only are you getting a logo... you're also getting a piece of original, intuitive, light-code-activating ART.

My intuitive logo design package includes:

  • A choice of two unique polished intuitive logos, with an explanation of the energies, intuitive hits and the magic coming through step by step. 
  • Three rounds of revisions to the chosen concept, or combination thereof, based on your feedback.
  • All final print and web files (jpeg, pngs with transparent background, vector file) for each variation (type only, icon only, entire logo mark)


I design in the moment. I riff off of client feedback and input. I follow the energy that wants to come through - even (and especially) when it evolves beyond what we *think* might happen!  If you're ready for more empowerment, I can also guide you through your OWN intuitive process for just $55 in my DIY intuitive logo design audio series - you'll be able to design your own logos for programs, courses, multiple businesses and endeavors! A priceless skill. 

If You're Ready for MAGIC... $665

OR... Single Magical Intuitive Logo Concept Sketches: Just $77

If you're nervous about investing and would like a test drive of sorts, you can always hire my intuitive abilities by getting an Intuitive Logo Concept Sketch for just $77 over here... you can even order multiple concepts if you need a little more help in the trust department!  

Note: These are QUICK CONCEPT sketches. As in, whatever I am inspired to create - and can actually get done - in 20-30 minutes. Please know that while I have a magic wand, here in the 3D realm things do take time, and I can't get 10-20 hours of work done in that time (meaning, don't be expecting a polished complex and intricate mandala or crazy detail)!

And if you get a sketch and decide to make it into a final logo, I will expand on the concept and get it into final form - with all final files -  for just $333 - a savings of 50% over the standard single logo investment! 


If you need a logo that is aligned with your soul, with your essence, Mellie is the Go to Girl. I love, love, love the design she did for my mandalas. I use the logo in my Instagram and it feels just so right. It’s so my style, who I am.... it’s simple, yet meaningful THE got to magic maker for logos. I love how the design she did for me looks on my Instagram account.
— Marialuz, Lovely Soul Healing
Mellie is truly an artist. I fell in love with her work and had her do mine. Watching it unfold on periscope gave me chills as she described parts of me and my work that I haven’t even fully embraced.

From my experience in working with Mellie, she saw more of my greatness than I have even been ready to own. Every time I see my logo I see those parts of me, its my very own reminder of so many parts of me. My very own personal character vision board in a logo. I highly recommend her. and to those who read this, I wish you knew me well enough to know that I don’t believe in embellishing. so it’s all true.
— Catherine Navarro
Well, if we’re going to fan girl...let’s full on fangirl! Not only did Mellie give me a logo that I ADORE, she nailed down so much of my branding and my mission all in one magnificent piece of art. I’m looking for places to put this...wall hangings, branded journals, t-shirts... I want to shout from the rooftops how awesome this piece is!
— Heather Fein
Mellie is the best! She not only is an expert at what she does, but I believe what makes her stand out is her ability to connect with you... almost like she can read what is on your mind and heart and express it in her own artistic way! And still have it totally aligned with what your own site would feel and look like for you! She blows me away! We haven’t even spoken, just totally all through FB, and she managed to produce such a beautiful website for me, which totally is ME! I can’t thank you enough Mellie!
— Jhoanna-Rey Marquez
Niki’s first response was “This is awesome beyond words.” We love the logo Mellie created for us. She really captured the feel we wanted. My business partner exclaimed, “That is awesome beyond words” at first sight of the drafts. Mellie really is an “intuitive designer.”
— Richard Shields
Mellie does awesome work and is super intuitive, she is really able to capture the soul and essence of you and your business... and she is quick!
— Hillary Schneider
Mellie is a fabulously authentic, gifted, and super tapped-in intuitive designer. The logo she created for me captures not only the energy I was looking for, but so much hidden symbolism in the form of simplicity. She tunes into her client and into her own wellspring of creative genius. It’s always a pleasure interacting with her and together infinite possibilities of co-creation for a brand, logo, design, or work of art is truly possible.
— Karrol Rikka
I just opened your email and am so excited. You suggested I sit with them. I feel like wrapping my arms around them and hugging them and YOU. Many thanks and so much gratitude... Mellie is Magic. She works miracles. Her word is her word and she always over delivers. You won’t want to let her offers slip by.
— Cheryl Levy
I just received my handmade intuitive business logo from Mellie! I could not be any happier! It represents me exactly, and she took the time to create it will different shading to use in different formats.

If you need something on point and fast, Mellie is your woman! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
— Tami
Mellie’s work is for someone who is ready to see themselves, their gifts and their beauty in their branding. She will see more gold in you than you knew existed.

If you can feel energy in art... She is for you....
If you want something unique her work is for you.
If you are ready to share, stand out, take a stand for your work, what you do, why you are here.... And be remembered visually .... She is for you.

I absolutely love her work.
— Catherine
So I just want to talk about how incredibly tuned in Mellie RoseTest is...today I asked her to create a graphic I could use for my upcoming Money Block clearing...I just gave her the basic details and asked her to do her thing-because I know how amazing she is! I didn’t tell her that I had already written copy in my head talking about how we create most of our beliefs before the age of 6...but when she sent me back what she created, it had an image of a child! At first I didnt even realize the correlation, I just liked the image and the vibe, but when I went to post it I realized! It was like she was in my head while she was creating it!!! Not only does she have fabulous taste and is uber talented and has an amazing eye, but she really does super duper intuitive designs!!!!
— Elysia Hartzell
As someone who reads colors, I love seeing your work and magic. Yay for you and your clients!!!
— April
YAAASSS!!!! Immediate, gut level, spirit led yes. PERFECTO!!!

OH BOY I am beyond the MOON happy!! I love love it!! FIRE AND FLOW baby!!!!
If you haven’t done a logo with Mellie RoseTest yet I can’t recommend it enough! The whole process was so much fun. And she’s so open to feedback and the cocreation process. And she infuses the design with so much love. And so much symbolism.

I’m a mindset and life transformation coach. And my design is all about the water of the earth nourishing the soul and breaking into the fire of passion and life. That we need to embrace both the fire and the flow inside of us. And wings to represent transformation, flight, and creation of a new reality. And it’s all bright and sassy just like me! I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this!!

I had no idea that what I do could so well be encompassed in an image!
— Ashlee Greer
I know most of you already know of the amazing work intuitive artist Mellie RoseTest is doing but not sure if the newbies do. She’s offering these Periscope live logo designs which gives us our first version then goes into the details of what we want to tweak.

I am so fucking happy about this intuitive logo that I (obviously) can’t hide it!!!

Welcome to the new company...Kim Bowen BLISS-No more wellness b/c I’m an empowerment coach and healer helping my tribe of Goddesses transform their wounds into power to experience bliss.

I didn’t know there was going to be a mermaid but damn, read up on them, they’re all about the Goddess energy and the hair reminds me of fire which I always use in ceremony for it’s transformational properties and the lotus, this beautiful flower coming out from the deepest darkest muddy waters.

It’s FINALLY coming together just in time for the most rocking year ever!
— Kim Bowen Bliss
Mellie not only worked with what I wanted, but what got me was that, when she told me what she thought would work, she brought up things I had been thinking about for my brand that I hadn’t even told her. She was patient with me, which was my favorite! After thinking about it for a couple days we came up with the my perfect logo that I am beyond happy with!
— Michelle McReavy

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