You're ready for logo design that is quite literally "out of this world.” 

Hi! I'm Mellie, the Dancing Uniquorn. I help you CLAIM YOUR MAGIC. Visually. My designs are literal cosmic downloads of awesome that bleed your name. 

I'm not your typical artist or designer; when I work with you, I tap into you energetically, creating finished designs completely aligned to the highest version of you and your business. This is what makes my process special and sets my work apart. My clients literally FEEL the energy in my work (and so do their clients), and they begin to claim their own unique magic.

My process is intuitive and unique.

There are TWO steps to a magical, polished, professional and SOUL-full logo design: Step 1 and Step 2.

Step 1: $147

Text / biz name you want me to use

Step 2: $555

Building the polished look and feel in my graphics programs, revisions, + creating all final print and web files you'll need.

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Terry-Lynn: Your Soul's Evolution Guide

"I love that you picked up on the labyrinth. It's very meaningful to me.  This is so uncanny - I had a friend do a quickie website for me and he had a faded background of blue to green like the Terry-Lynn here. The colors you chose are colors I was thinking of... Oh my this gave me full body chills and tears in my eyes. Really really love this!" --Terry-Lynn Aplin

International Association of Empowered Healers
Logo Design

"I love what you created for me. Love it. Loved the process of knowing I could trust what you created to be a perfect representation of the energetic essence or Soul of my business !!!! Thank you." --Becky Kimes

Woudri van der Merwe: Lightness of Being
Logo Design

"I went back to a mood board I did, and it was pretty cool to see that your sketch incorporates some of the elements... which confirms how absolutely in tune you are! I also picked a card asking for guidance regarding my branding: the Angel's crown depicts your faceted crystals, while the book has your cradling yoni symbol... So... it is obviously meant to be :) " --Woudri



This Step in my process allows me to offer you an affordable and powerful concept so that you can get a taste of how I capture your magic as I align you with your future level of expansion. Step 1 is a requirement before Step 2, unless you already have a final sketch from which you'd like me to work directly, without interpretation.

The result of Step 1, the intuitive logo concept drawing phase

The result of Step 1, the intuitive logo concept drawing phase

  1. Purchase your magically intuitive logo draft drawing for $147 (your purchase confirms that you understand and are open to intuition and soul-level energy - this is MAGIC, not MIND. :) 
  2. If you have additional information you feel drawn to tell me, email me! Otherwise, I'll proceed with only my intuition to guide me. 
  3. Within 3 business days, receive your intuitive logo sketch and video debriefing (scroll below for video and sketch examples).
  4. Sit with your logo sketch, feel into the magic, and gather your feedback.
  5. If you approve of the design direction, continue the adventure by purchasing Step 2.
  6. If you've had an idea for a completely different direction, re-purchase Step 1 and let me know what you'd like to see instead!

NOTE: My logo design process is an intuitive logo design process and is priced that way, meaning it's so affordable (while maintaining very high levels of magic and execution) because of its purity and efficiency. The concept is THE most important part of a true soul-aligned logo, which is why Step 1 is required. It allows me to let your soul "speak" to me through imagery. I listen. I see. And magic is born.

I tend to find that people who come at design from a "mind" perspective of what they "think they want" - with specific, mind-based expectations - tend to desire more control and be less open to the magic I can see. If this is you, then when you purchase the intuitive sketch (Step 1), please email me as many details as possible outlining exactly what you're expecting to see, so that I can shut off my intuition and execute your mind's vision instead..

I'm ready for Step 1 for just $147!

Text / name you want me to use


The magical result of Step 2 based on the sketch in Step 1 

The magical result of Step 2 based on the sketch in Step 1 

  1. To begin Step 2, you must either have purchased Step 1 OR you must have a final concept sketch of your own from which I can work directly.
  2. Incorporating any revisions based on the approved Step 1 concept, I'll begin creating a polished vector version of your logo concept in Adobe Illustrator. This process usually takes several hours of building and shaping.
  3. I'll send you an initial polished design, which may include several variations.
  4. We'll have a back-and-forth conversation for 2-3 rounds of revisions. You'll be able to request any modifications.
  5. Once approved, I'll create all the print and web files you'll need and deliver a l;ink to your very own Dropbox folder where your files are stored.

Continue This Logo Magic for $555

Mellie is the best! She not only is an expert at what she does, but I believe what makes her stand out is her ability to connect with you... almost like she can read what is on your mind and heart and express it in her own artistic way! She blows me away!
— Jhoanna Rae
We love the logo Mellie created for us. She really captured the feel we wanted. My business partner exclaimed, “That is awesome beyond words” at first sight of the drafts. Mellie really is an “intuitive designer.”
— Rick Shields


Mellie is an amazing soul who can just feel into who you are and what you bring and somehow capture this in a logo! Her work is phenomenal. I am more than thrilled with it! I couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect logo for my business! I am SO IN LOVE IT THAT I COULD WEEP!
— Dr. Melissa Wright


Step 1

Get Your Sketch and Video for $147!

Text / name you want me to use

Step 2

Ready to Complete the Logo Design for $555!

Mellie is a fabulously authentic, gifted, and super tapped-in intuitive designer. The logo she created for me captures not only the energy I was looking for, but so much hidden symbolism in the form of simplicity. She tunes into her client and into her own wellspring of creative genius. It’s always a pleasure interacting with her and together infinite possibilities of co-creation for a brand, logo, design, or work of art is truly possible.
— Karrol Rikka


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