Fire & Desire: Inner Power Painting


Fire & Desire: Inner Power Painting


10 x 8 acrylic on stretched canvas
Ready for hanging

I tune into the energies as I paint, setting intentions and creating the space for high vibrational frequencies to infuse each stroke. Then I witness as the imagery unfolds before me. 

Here's the message I channeled from this painting:

"You're peering through the layers of reality and opening to new ways of seeing. While the path isn't always clear, you can use all of your senses to discern where to step in any given moment.

You're centered, you're attuned, and you're powerful, you know. From all of that, you create the new horizon. You can see past what "is" and into what can and WILL be. Make your choices carefully and trust your perception.”

The painting always tells me when it’s finished – it’s an intuitive journey, and a powerful one at that! As I create I can feel the Universe – Source – gently guiding my color choices and markmaking.  And I KNOW that each piece comes forth to summon it's own home. 

It’s truly a sacred experience, and it's my soul purpose to be able to create a sacred and potent container for your own frequency to rise, and for your manifestation power to be amplified!

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I create healing and high vibrational artwork that will raise YOUR vibration and release the energies you need as you need them. Each Inner Power Painting has layers and layers of paint, each brushstroke being encoded with powerful healing energy. You will receive whatever energy you need - it will be released in layers as you’re ready for it!

GREAT to enhance meditation, uplift your spirits in a dreary cubicle farm, lift spirits in your child's room, or raise your vibration anytime, anywhere! Having such powerful pieces in your space will keep the vibration high and therefore increase your ability to magnetize what you desire!

You can even commission your very own intuitive painting, customized to YOUR energy support needs: email mellie @ to inquire!

Some feedback about Inner Power Paintings:
"These are magical! I want to surround myself with every single one of these! Keep doing your thang! IT's Bright, It's Beautiful ,and It's Beyond Magical "

"Beautiful. This one definitely had something to say to me. Not sure what exactly but totally drawn to it and cried when I stared into it. (Tears are my way of knowing I'm touching on something on a soul level)."

"Wow... I love how your art is evolving so organically. Tons of depth in these layers. They speak."

"I feel movement, energy, expression, cosmic energy, happiness and lots of L U R V E."

"Transcends time and space."

"Love the energy of this! Just really speaks to being open to love, open to prosperity, open to miracles, open to receive."

"Your inner beauty shines through every picture you draw. This is you in your flow.

"You have a gift Mellie these are truly divine I feel the spirit is calling on you to reach more with these transmissions xxx"