You’re ready to become fully activated. 

My genius is tapping into your highest potential, activating the codes that allow it to manifest, and translating that as a visual and visceral EXPERIENCE. My art and illustrations, my coloring books and stickers, my branding and website design — ALL of it is coded to activate keys and open doors for you.  

This is Visual Magic + Inner Alchemy.

I code visual art and design with frequency keys that unlock any clouded and shrouded potential by clearing the static blocking the full expression of the REAL YOU. The you that you came here to be. The you that the world CAN’T WAIT to experience.

The frequencies of joy and innocence elevate your capacity for MAGIC - in every aspect of your life — and even your business.

It’s time to raise the standards of what you’ve been willing to accept. Aren’t you ready to be fully lit up? Aren’t you craving a logo and website that are platformed on pure energy? The energy of Your Authentic Truth? The energy that increases your magnetism?

The work I do is uniquely crafted to deeply support your brand and your business with magnetism. It’s MAGIC.


There is nothing ordinary about the work I do - whether graphic design, healing, or art. I'm here to beacon-ize magnificent souls like yourself who are ready to experience the POWER of their own true magic, activated and translated through a clear and potent lens. 

My work as an intuitive and skilled designer/artist ignites transformation. We catalyze the shedding of heavy layers and distortions to establish a clear, solid energetic platform that becomes fully and powerfully magnetic. Let’s catapult you into the magical reality you deserve. 


Activated Wearables to Turn On Your Magic!

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 10.35.55 AM.png


Weatherproof, fadeproof MAGIC!

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 10.36.11 AM.png


Spread more joy and magic - WEAR it!

Surround Yourself with Artwork Coded for Your Transformation


A UNIQUE PIECE Channeled just for YOU - to support your intentions and PERFECT resonance!

This is an intuitive, channeled abstract piece of original art to activate and facilitate your evolution. I’m able to tune into your unique magic — the frequencies of your full, pure potential — and custom-code a unique piece of magical artwork with the magical recipe that will both activate that potential AND support its unfolding.



Experience the Magic of Joy and Innocence as You Color!


One of my gifts is my innocence. That inner child who is alive and well and ALWAYS ready to play. What better way to express my inner joy and delight - and ignite the same in others - than by creating joyful illustrations to be COLORED?

Color a page and you'll color your LIFE! Because I've also infused all of my artwork with energetic frequencies and mantras intended to lift your spirits!



Your pet is a huge part of your life - for some, even more so than family.


He (or she) is always there for comfort and company with a wet nose or sandpaper tongue to brighten your day with their unconditional love. And even after a pet has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, your pet's essence and unconditional love carry on.

These are no ordinary pet portraits;  I LITERALLY connect your hearts in art. Through HeartFULL Pet Portraits, I'll help forge a stronger, deeper bond between you and your fur baby.

We'll amplify your love.

By memorializing your pet's love and whispers in art, I create the experience of your hearts connecting. You'll have a unique, special showpiece to keep your beloved pet close to your heart, forever. You'll FEEL it, tangibly.

You can choose from a full-color portrait or necklace and charm. Or a black-and-white custom illustration and coloring page which can also be put on tees and mugs and pillows!

Read more about HeartFULL Pet Portraits here.



Powerful Oracle Deck Magic


To date, I have personally illustrated by hand, designed and self-published FIVE magical oracle decks. Each has its own magical energy, and each deck seems to appeal to its own magical tribe! How cool is that?!

With my experience as a designer, artist, and healer, I've also put together a magical course that leads you step-by-step through creating your OWN oracle deck. One that HONORS the unique magnificence and genius YOU have been born to share! There's a FREE (as of this summer) super-in-depth course (which I’m no longer maintaining or running live). It’s got hours and hours of video content plus exact steps and behind the scenes. There are also energetic activations to get rid of your energetic clutter and purify the channel for YOUR unique magical deck to come through (so you aren’t resigned to creating an energetically-dead and empty echo/copy of someone else’s deck inspiration).

You can also book one-off Oracle Deck Design Coaching Sessions and get personalized guidance and activation from a 23-year pro designer-artist-healer-oracle-deck-publisher! Fill out the form on the Hire Me page and we’ll talk.


Click on the Dancing Uniquorns cards to purchase this oracle deck!

Click on the Dancing Uniquorns cards to purchase this oracle deck!

Click on the Messages of Meow cards to purchase this oracle deck!

Click on the Messages of Meow cards to purchase this oracle deck!

Click on the Messages from the Dogs cards to purchase this oracle deck!

Click on the Messages from the Dogs cards to purchase this oracle deck!

Click on the Animals of Inspiration to have your own magical oracle deck!

Click on the Animals of Inspiration to have your own magical oracle deck!

Book a Quickie Consult

In 15 powerful minutes, we'll discuss the best path to realizing your own magic - through design, through your own oracle deck, through healing, and more... you pick the topic, and we'll discuss our options!