I'm Mellie, the Dancing Uniquorn. My designs are literal cosmic downloads of awesome that bleed your name. 


I'm not your typical artist or designer; when I work with clients, I tap into them energetically, creating finished designs completely aligned to the highest version of themselves and their business. This is what makes me special and sets me apart. My clients literally feel the love in my work, and through it, they're able to claim their own unique magic.

I'm also a professional print and web designer with 20 years of real world design experience. In both the print industry (annual reports, conference materials, signage, and more) and online.  And I appreciate – and am invested in – YOU.

I want YOUR soul to be seen. I want YOU (the real, soul-aligned you) to be adored by an audience who sees and feels YOUR magic.

Your audience will look on in awe and wonder and KNOW you are the real deal, and they'll FEEL that working from the heart is what you do best. 



I tune into your essence energetically and capture your magic in tangible form, whether that's a magical logo, channeled piece of artwork, meditation, or enchanted pet portrait charm. I capture your magic so you can see and - more importantly - FEEL it. So that you can CLAIM YOUR MAGIC.



Carry the magic into the world and your life. Whether you carry your new logo and opt-in PDF to your audience,  hang a new activated painting on the wall, notice & implement new shifts from energy work, wear your enchanted pet portrait charm close to your heart... you CARRY it.



Because deep intuitive connection to (and expression of) pure ESSENCE is the foundation, the REAL magic begins. Magnetism happens as your essence beckons others. As energetic activations free you from blocks and beliefs, you start to fly. You get to FULLY BE YOU -  and FEEL seen and loved. Let's infuse your ART and SOUL into what you do and who you be!

the Magical Beings

Stucky McStuckerton
Scavenger, Sweetheart


Mellie Test, M.S.
Designer, Artist, Healer


Goofball, Lovebug

Professional Graphic & Web Designer • Intuitive Painter • Artist / Illustrator • Oracle Card DesignerOracle Deck Creation Coach • Sacred Embodiment: the Method Healer • Certified Sacred Activations Master Practitioner • Certified Core Expansion PractitionerCertified Anahata Codes Practitioner • Intuitive Healer • Creative Guide • Playful UNICORN

I’m a multidimensional artist, healer, and teacher. I help you claim your magic. My design and art and courses get you in touch with the true depth of your own wisdom and magic: your own unique essence. I help you find it so you can nurture it. I spark your imagination and facilitate expansion. I also teach you to use whatever resources you have. Alchemy with the existing. “Play where you are.”

I can show you how to be who you are here to be (whether it’s by basking in the vibes of and clearing distortions with one of my activated transformational paintings, or by allowing your soul essence to shine through in your branding and magnetize the perfect clients, or by doing healing work and activations and becoming empowered through discovery in my courses).

I help others expand and ground their own creative essence, which then grounds other aspects of their life and business. I can SEE their gifts multidimensionally, and I can visually ground that. I'm a translator of sorts, who clears the way through clear vision. We go "from plain to magical!" I' help them "speak magic" - visually - to their ideal clients. "We ADD more YOU"... (your pure essence)... which is the magic recipe! We make you even more magical and amazing.

I work with magical beings. Spiritually gifted and highly talented clients. I work with healers and coaches and holistic practitioners who are ready to step into the full depth of their essence (through branding, art, courses, or creating a powerful signature oracle deck).  My best clients don't need any convincing; they just KNOW we are ready to co-create together, and everything happens smoothly! 

EVERYTHING I do is custom and unique. My clients deserve something that fully embodies the power of their own gifts and talents, and something worthy of being that beacon to the world. (If you’re looking for cheap and quick, take your chances with Fiverr; I’m here to fully engage and transform your visual expression!)

You might be ready to engage with this level of magic if:

  • You're tired of noise, hype, and drama.

  • You want to get where you want to go with the least amount of hassle and confusion.

  • You love and appreciate connection, friendship and authenticity.

  • You would love to invite more playfulness into your life, and are fed up with the world feeling so heavy and dark.

  • You're craving to reconnect with your own wide-eyed, wondrous inner innocent, to view the world through childlike eyes again.

  • You're craving to lift your spirits, and feel good about yourself again.

  • You'd love to work with someone who's talented and efficient, yet who keeps things on the lighthearted side.

  • You're not looking for needless bells and whistles and you don't want to waste time deciphering bloated marketing speak.

  • You're ready to get to the heart of the matter and trust someone who can get you there.

Nothing brings me more delight than igniting delight within others. Especially fellow kindred spirits.

Mellie’s work is for someone who is ready to see themselves, their gifts and their beauty in their branding. She will see more gold in you than you knew existed.

If you can feel energy in art... She is for you....
If you want something unique her work is for you.
If you are ready to share, stand out, take a stand for your work, what you do, why you are here.... And be remembered visually .... She is for you.

I absolutely love her work.

Catherine Navarro

Well, if we’re going to fan girl...let’s full on fangirl! Not only did Mellie give me a logo that I ADORE, she nailed down so much of my branding and my mission all in one magnificent piece of art. I’m looking for places to put this...wall hangings, branded journals, t-shirts... I want to shout from the rooftops how awesome this piece is!

Heather Fein

Mellie is the best! She not only is an expert at what she does, but I believe what makes her stand out is her ability to connect with you... almost like she can read what is on your mind and heart and express it in her own artistic way! And still have it totally aligned with what your own site would feel and look like for you! She blows me away! We haven’t even spoken, just totally all through FB, and she managed to produce such a beautiful website for me, which totally is ME! I can’t thank you enough Mellie!

Jhoanna Rae

Mellie is a fabulously authentic, gifted, and super tapped-in intuitive designer. The logo she created for me captures not only the energy I was looking for, but so much hidden symbolism in the form of simplicity. She tunes into her client and into her own wellspring of creative genius. It’s always a pleasure interacting with her and together infinite possibilities of co-creation for a brand, logo, design, or work of art is truly possible.

Karrol Rikka

I am so fucking happy about this intuitive logo that I (obviously) can’t hide it!!!

I didn’t know there was going to be a mermaid but damn, read up on them, they’re all about the Goddess energy and the hair reminds me of fire which I always use in ceremony for it’s transformational properties and the lotus, this beautiful flower coming out from the deepest darkest muddy waters.

It’s FINALLY coming together just in time for the most rocking year ever!

Kim Bowen Bliss

That moment when you're at dinner with your husband, check your email from your phone and see the first draft of your GORGEOUS new logo waiting for you!!!! Thank you, Mellie! I can't wait to see the finished product. It's already magical and so on par with my brand. I can't wait to get the finished product and unveil it. You perfectly captured me, and I gave you like ZERO input or direction lol. I'm utterly amazed. You are ridiculously talented. I'm in love with it. You’re a rockstar.

I am a Cancer so anything to do with the moon is just bang on for me. I love that's it playful and bold and magical, words I use to describe me and my brand. This is amazing! Thank you so much.

Dani Marie

So during the zoom playdate this morning, it was so unusually easy to grab any art supply and just doodle and have so much fun!

It was very interesting - I noticed that hearing your voice and the energy of you creating without worry cancelled out the voices that would likely be in the quiet spaces of my own head if I were just drawing alone - the "Oh geez, this isn't going well, this looks dumb, I'm not a good artist, this is hard...." LOL and are those voices even MINE? or am I aware of everyone's judgments they have about art and making it?

The zoom appointment actually got me to dig out some art supplies and show up. Your words and energy kept the destructive thoughts away. And I had LOTS of fun, and kept going afterwards!

This creative play time, the energy of play that I got to step into (oh actually it was inside me the whole time!) is something that I'm going to carry into every aspect of the rest of my day today! Thank you so much!

Sara Licht

If you need a logo that is aligned with your soul, with your essence, Mellie is the Go to Girl. I love, love, love the design she did for my mandalas. I use the logo in my Instagram and it feels just so right. It’s so my style, who I am.... it’s simple, yet meaningful THE got to magic maker for logos. I love how the design she did for me looks on my Instagram account.

Marialuz, Lovely Soul Healing

So I just want to talk about how incredibly tuned in Mellie Test is...today I asked her to create a graphic I could use for my upcoming Money Block clearing...I just gave her the basic details and asked her to do her thing-because I know how amazing she is! I didn’t tell her that I had already written copy in my head talking about how we create most of our beliefs before the age of 6...but when she sent me back what she created, it had an image of a child! At first I didn't even realize the correlation, I just liked the image and the vibe, but when I went to post it I realized! It was like she was in my head while she was creating it!!! Not only does she have fabulous taste and is uber talented and has an amazing eye, but she really does super duper intuitive designs!!!!

Elysia Hartzell

As someone who reads colors, I love seeing your work and magic. Yay for you and your clients!!!


YAAASSS!!!! Immediate, gut level, spirit led yes. PERFECTO!!!

OH BOY I am beyond the MOON happy!! I love love it!! FIRE AND FLOW baby!!!!
If you haven’t done a logo with Mellie RoseTest yet I can’t recommend it enough! The whole process was so much fun. And she’s so open to feedback and the cocreation process. And she infuses the design with so much love. And so much symbolism.

I’m a mindset and life transformation coach. And my design is all about the water of the earth nourishing the soul and breaking into the fire of passion and life. That we need to embrace both the fire and the flow inside of us. And wings to represent transformation, flight, and creation of a new reality. And it’s all bright and sassy just like me! I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this!!

I had no idea that what I do could so well be encompassed in an image!

Dr. Ashlee Greer

I just received my handmade intuitive business logo from Mellie! I could not be any happier! It represents me exactly, and she took the time to create it will different shading to use in different formats.

If you need something on point and fast, Mellie is your woman! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Tami Vandrie

Mellie I have been itching to create art, for a long time, there was always some excuse, like I don't have colors and blah blah blah ... so I started going to art store, dollar store and started buying one thing a time, and then I totally forgot about that stuff hiding in the closet and yesterday when I watched the class, around 1 am I started looking for stuff and here in one closet all the magic was hiding <3 So I can not thank you enough to keep inspiring me. I love your artwork and your videos, and I remember you were saying "you bored us" you fear, hell no... your videos are fun and so full of energy <3 <3 Please keep doing what you are doing and inspiring others like me who are craving to get their hands colored with paint.

Simone Isser

Thank you Mellie!  What a wonderful gift you have. I have a thing for equal sided crosses (medicine wheels) when doing healings I can see  it being used as a tool, it has ribbons or something similar hanging from each end and its twirled above the one receiving the energy healing.  I've had past lives in caves as a healer, I could go on and on and on. The golden signing bowl and its powerful resonance/frequency combined with the vortex and the soft yet strong feathers that hold the space is so nest like and represents "home" Incredible.  Thank you. 

Tutah Speaks

My client has been giving your intuitive design courses RAVE reviews. She is blown away at how easy you make it all seem!


Mellie really is amazing! She designed my first eBook "Making A Difference" and even though we've never met in person before, she had a very good & accurate feeling about what I envision from the very start. It was super easy to get in touch with her and each new draft was delivered in time and with the changes I requested. I particularly love Mellie's ability to follow her client's feedback as well as adding her own creative touch to the project. I am so proud and excited about what we've created together!

Ramona Fellermeier

Human Energy Station was founded in May, 2017 with desire to educate Humans on the true benefits of Energy Work / Energy Healing and the importance of choosing it to be a normal & regular implementation of their self-care.

I LOVE my new logo, the concept & energy behind it! THANK YOU Mellie with 'Magic with Mellie' for creating & capturing what's been in my heart for years and the essences of Human Energy Station in an image!

Mellie played with doodles of mine & infused her artistic expertise, graphics experience, intuition, nature & LOVE into this design. In addition to her being my new fabulous graphic designer and providing me & others with Anahata Codes for healing, she also offers full website design, art and healing tips on Inspired Intuitive Art + Action, she's the creator of multiple Oracle Card Decks, she's a big fan of unicorns & mermaids and paints them often, she's a phenomenal mother, woman and a new soul sister here I feel blessed & grateful to know.

If you're considering hiring a designer, I highly recommend Mellie! I've attached a fun 4-minute Sketch Debriefing Video she made mid-process of this creation so you can get a feel for how this woman works - which truly is magical!

Thank you! I love it! This is it!

Rebecca Heartfly

"Why are you in your car?" is the most frequent question. And I'll tell you:


We are here to express ourselves, and especially our SOUL selves.

IT IS TIME to unleash your own inner magic. To EMBODY it through creative expression. So that it can make a difference in your life!

And by creating intuitively in my car - by meditating, by painting, by drawing, by tapping into my intuition in the NOW moment - I show you that:


You can create ANY time. ANYwhere. With WHATEVER space you have available. With whatever TOOLS you happen to have on hand. In one video, I draw on the back of a post office receipt, for goodness' sake!

Don't believe me? Need some inspiration to make all those excuses fade away? Ready for some JOY and MAGIC?!


Have 5 Minutes, a Pen & Paper?

You don't need much to create. You can literally make art with ANYTHING. Have a single pen, pencil, or crayon? Have a scrap piece of paper? The goal here is to open your creative and intuitive channels. Exploring without attachment to invite in new possibilities (which also creates new neural pathways). A few minutes is all you need. That, and the willingness to PLAY.

Keeping Your Energy in the NOW Moment

Making quick "decisions" when anchored in your heart center, moment by moment, and literally PLAYING with color and marks allows your intuition to come out of hiding.  I'm using my super-prized Scmhincke watercolor set, but you can use any supplies you have on hand. :)  This video was recorded in my free FB group.

Setting Intentions During Solstice

Amplifying your conscious intentions by allowing the energy to direct your colors and movements. With my Moleskine knockoff sketchbook and some random art supplies in my travel studio pouch. Intuition is easy. And it's normal. All you need to do is ALLOW. This video was made during the Summer Solstice of 2016.

You Can Be Your Own Oracle!

By allowing your childlike curiosity to take over, and by asking questions and trusting where your attention is drawn (otherwise known as "nudges" or "intuitive hits"), you can receive your own guidance as you intuitively create! No agenda - all magic.

Paint With Supportive Energies

This 8 minute Mellie's Car Art video was recorded while I was waiting to pick my son up from school one afternoon. With my trusty waterbrush and portable watercolor palette and a sketchbook, I allow my intuition - and the energy - to guide me. 

Create & Magnetize Intentions

In this 13 minute video, we're deciding which feelings we wish to amplify. Then we generate a ball of energy to grow those feelings, and use our intuition to create artistically so that we can embody these desired feelings in our daily life experiences.

Imagination is the Gateway!

If you can imagine, then you can access your intuition. It's a matter of tuning in repeatedly - in each moment - and PLAYING. Because play is JOYFUL, which moves you into the higher frequencies and allows you to access more of your soul energy and more possibilities become available!

Get Over Perfectionism in Art!

Let yourself express it ALL. Perfect DOES exist, because perfect = AUTHENTIC. Let YOUR presence and energy shine into the world by expressing what's uniquely coming through YOU.

Let's Play, "What Happens If?"

Expressing joy. Getting super PLAYful. Because true MAGIC happens when we play. By allowing yourself to get into the state of playful, joyful curiosity and wonder, you'll open to more magic than your mind could ever manufacture!

Ready for MORE?! Find the entire playlist of 36+ Mellie's Car Art videos over on YouTube!

Want Your Own Personal Intuitive, Creative Guide?

Let’s chat about unleashing your OWN UNIQUE MAGIC: