The Great Art for Art Supplies Experiment!

I create a LOT. A WHOLE lot. And I layer. A LOT.

Which means I'm continually going through my juicy (and pricey) art supplies at a bit of an alarming rate. So I had this idea pop into my head and I'm giving it a go...

You send an Amazon gift card to mellietest (at) and I send you magical art!

Choose your adventure:


See my usual listing here. I'll create a commissioned HeartFULL Pet Portrait - in my signature style - just for you. I'll even do a short timelpase video for you as a very special extra treat!


You get to choose any of the currently listed unicorn pieces from my Unicorn shop. The #inktober series were so much fun to make (and can also be found on RedBubble here)!


You can also choose an original piece from my animal oracle decks - either the Messages of Meow or Messages from the Dogs Oracle decks! Each animal has its own message!

First come, first serve! 

* Because no cash is changing hands, you cover packing and shipping.*

Made your decision?

  1. Purchase an Amazon gift card and send it to mellietest (at)
  2. Fill out this form below (When I receive the gift card email and pair it with your form, I'll get going on delivering your magical art!)
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