I've created a number of courses - several of them FREE - in order to spread more Uniquorn (unique + unicorn) Magic and lead you to your OWN divine soul expression.

Check them out - follow your heart and your intuition, because they'll give you a feeling of lightness, and feeling of "Yes please!" if there's something they want you to explore... It means there's another key waiting for you on your journey!

I host all of my courses on - it's a lovely platform, and easy to use both for me and for you! Which means I get to keep on creating, and you get to keep on PLAYING like the Magical Uniquorn that you are!

Just click on the course below that calls to you to read more!


My client has been giving your intuitive design courses RAVE reviews. She is blown away at how easy you make it all seem!
— Desiree W.
I just finished your Magical Watercolor Backgrounds class - ooo what fun! I am new to water coloring and had a kid’s palette (which is now used up except for one really ugly color). Luckily I have good paper, and found a couple of old paint brushed to use so I was able to create. I’m quite enthralled, and look forward to ordering some better paint and going at it again!
— Dina

Know THIS: Magical Uniquorns Can Create Intuitive Art ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, with ANYTHING!

To dig right into some FREE inspiration RIGHT NOW... Check out the ongoing series of "Mellie's Car Art" videos! Intuitive art, intuitive painting, getting your own intuitive messages, and creating imagery by intuitively responding to what's around you at any given moment!

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