Staying the Course of MAGIC

Staying the Course of MAGIC

The most common "advice" I'm given to achieve "success" in my business is to get rid of what makes what I do so special.

I'm told to speed up and cheapen my work by making it more generic and less thoughtful (which completely goes against the whole REASON I do what I do). To go faster, lower my prices, cater to the unconscious.

Art in the Mess

Art in the Mess

Why can’t we just admit that MESSY is the truth? The only people I know who have something even close to “perfect” lives are stressed out 95% of the time, trying to maintain the illusion. That’s not a lifestyle; it’s a life sentence. Keeping up an image to control others’ perceptions.

Personally, I find REALITY more inspiring. Because I can RELATE. So let’s get real…

I Want to Hold Your Hand

I Want to Hold Your Hand

“How DARE you think you’re special!” she screamed at me.I remember those words. Uttered in less than five minutes on one single day of my life. One single event that affected me for most of the following years. Even into adulthood.And it’s the event most vivid in my mind when I sit and ask myself how I can explain why I do what I do.

Softening into Space

There's so much talk about taking action to make progress. The need to DO more. Take the next step. And then the next. Even "aligning" with your intentions implies DOing something to get somewhere or something. 

But what do we sacrifice by filling all available space with SOMEthing? 

This new little unicorn piece is in contrast to many of my pieces. I tend to fill and layer my artwork with MORE. More marks, more color, more depth. More layers, more texture, more SOMEthing.

I was even reluctant to call this piece "done" because of all the space left on the page. Something about it felt vulnerable. Unprotected. Open.

As I noticed I felt pulled into the drawing, I realized how relaxed I felt. As if I suddenly had permission to collapse safely and be held. This little unicorn collapsing into the stillness - melting into the cushion of space -gave me permission to sigh out all my tension and just BE.

All of that from a simple piece of art!


Years ago, I hit (and got burned by) the peak of my DOing phase. In my 20s, I refused to slow down. Ever.

As a competitive rugby player, I trained daily. Rest day - what?! Strength training, Olympic lifting, aerobic endurance, sprints... And on top of that, I was a group fitness coach and trainer. And decided to train for a triathlon. Swimming before work, biking after. Everything at once. 

Even on vacation, I refused to stop. If I wasn't hiking, I'd find a way to run. Hopefully, my hotel had a gym. I specifically remember one vacation to Ashland, Oregon, when my then-girlfriend and I stopped at a local coffee shack on our way to the Y for a workout. After lamenting to our barista that we "had" to go to the gym, he said, "HAVE to go to the gym?! You mean you GET to go the gym!" Which would have motivated me more if I weren't already horribly depleted from chronic overtraining.


Because I was so obsessed with "making progress" - with filling ALL THE SPACE - I wouldn't let myself stop. I gave myself zero space to renew. I ignored the injuries that wouldn't go away (how about 6 surgeries on my right knee including ACL reconstruction?!). And only when my entire system crashed into Stage 3 adrenal exhaustion (with a side diagnosis of Lupus) was I FORCED to stop. And listen. 

When my body collapsed - when my compulsive activity ceased - I sat in the space. 

I did NOT embrace the space willingly. When I stopped playing rugby, I lost my friends. Without hours and hours per week dedicated to my endless, exhaustive search for physical mastery, I felt directionless. So much space opened up that I sank into depression, to be honest. That was before I had the tools I have now.

Tools I'm now grateful to share with you - so that you can SOFTEN SUCH A HARD LESSON!

For quantum support to assist us in being able to allow and embrace space in our lives, I asked for a recipe of Anahata Codes (for the collective consciousness of all of you reading this post at any time) to activate this experience.

The three Assisting Frequencies which came forward to support this intention were:

  •  Justice Tarot Archetype: Justice is both the giver and enforcer of laws. As the ultimate arbiter, she holds a two-edged sword—a reminder that fairness cuts both ways… The Tarot Justice card refers to the judgmental attitude - the one expecting and seeing faults in others and not in a hurry to reconsider or forgive.
  • Sacred Location of the Beach
  • Emotion of Abandonment  

I elaborate, and we'll install and activate this quantum support in the 7 minute video below:

Enjoy the Activation, and embrace your new space!