Copying Doesn't Cut It When it Comes to Intuition

2016-11-10 10.04.32-2.jpg

I posted this in my FB group (Inspired Intuitive Art + Action), but felt compelled to share it more widely... This is for all of the well-meaning people who keep suggesting that I find a way to teach those boring, cliche "copy my painting" classes, especially those involving wine... for the sole reasons that "They sell! They're popular! They're trendy! People will spend!"

I have had a couple people ask me about teaching specific technique classes, with required supplies and showing you how to paint or draw exactly the same piece I've created...

But there's a reason I don't. Not only is that type of process dead energetically... I literally can't.

Yes, it's trendy. Yes, people are paying tons of dollars for "copy my painting (and drink some wine...)" sessions. But you're not going to convince me to do it just because everyone else is. Just because that's where the money is. If you want that and you enjoy copying instead of boldly digging into your own arsenal, you can find those classes literally anywhere.

But I'm inviting you on a DEEPER journey, peeps. Deeper than "I want to copy you; can you teach me how?"

I'm inviting you to tune into YOUR intuition. Your own visionary tendencies. Your soul expression.

I don't believe in "be like me" - I believe in be like YOU because only YOU can - and that is special! And important! Don't you see?!

When I was a fitness trainer, and teaching classes and training people regularly, I wanted to be a presenter at one of the numerous fitness conferences I attended (and I was a designer for one of the companies, even). I presented them with my own program, my own plan to teach and present, and...

Do you know what they told me?

"Here's someone else's program. Memorize that first and teach it for awhile and prove to us you can, and then... maybe...we'll deem you capable of doing your own thing."

They wanted me to ditch my own vision and follow a formula... and they were expecting to see something magical out of regurgitating what's already out there? They were going to judge me on how well I could heartlessly repackage what someone else created, as if that's necessary to prove my own talent and worth.

I have to prove my own worth and capability based on how well I can imitate?

I call bullish*t. And I did. I said no thank you.

There doesn't need to BE a middleman. You don't have to copy someone else to find YOU.

And I'm not compromising the integrity of the intuitive process I teach in order to get some cash in the till. My goal is to teach you how to access your OWN soul wisdom - and create FROM THERE. 

This is deep. It's not for the faint of heart... it's for those who FEEL the power of their own heart and are ready to let that SURGE into reality.

I don't want to watch you create from where you imagine MY soul might be, or try to replicate how you imagine MY soul is creating... I want to see you express and create from YOUR OWN soul. Play and delight in what YOU have to offer. 

Making your painting look like mine isn't enough, even if you can. I want to see YOUR MAGIC.

Because I haven't been schooled in "proper techniques" anyway - I simply draw what I see, in the way *I* see it, and paint what feels like it needs to come through me. I follow the energy, which is why that's exactly what I encourage YOU to do. 

What do you see? How do you see it? Paint THAT. Not what it would look like if a photograph were taken - paint your interpretation of the ENERGY. What you imagine the energy - as interpreted by your own energy field - looks like and feels like! What makes you feel giddy for the mere fact of expressing it!

Because you won't feel the energy the same way I do, or the same way anyone else does. And copying me wouldn't do YOU and your own SOUL justice. 

YOU are meant to express YOUR magic. Not "try" to recreate mine. Because even if you tried to mimic the same colors and strokes, it wouldn't be the same piece. And, in order to mimic my work, you'd have had to shut off your own channel. Doing your own capabilities and potential a HUGE disservice.

In fact, if you asked me to replicate one of my paintings again, I absolutely couldn't anyway! There are just too many layers, and...


The myriad phases that the energy itself goes through AS I'm creating. The alchemy that happens as the energy enters my own system and interacts with my field. That's not something you can replicate, because the energy will mix with your unique field in its own unique way.

And everyone has their own experience in their own moment - I CAN'T and I won't tell you what to do. Because the goal is LISTENING. To your own heart and soul. <3

So keep listening... and I'M LISTENING if there's anything else you'd like support with!