The Gift of the Dancing Uniquorn (and a Gift for YOU!)

Each piece of original Dancing Uniquorn art - and each Dancing Uniquorn oracle card - is more than "just art."

It's a transformational portal. A healing that will continue to work on you as long as it's in your space! 

For each piece of art (and card), Spirit gave me a recipe of Assisting Frequencies (Anahata Codes) and a Sacred Activation to best support the message and energy of the artwork itself. And some of them have been surprising at first, but I've come to learn that the most powerful guidance is often the MOST surprising and unexpected! So I trust. And it turns out, each set of codes and Activation are so utterly perfect!

This work, this project - both the cards and the art - is SPECIAL.

It’s a lasting physical representation of huge transformative power. And each piece of art (and card) includes not just one, but TWO HEALING SESSIONS (the code recipe and the Sacred Activation).

In fact I just received this "random" message from a spiritual teacher yesterday. One whom I didn't even realize was following my work, but a great confirmation of the potential this deck - and the original art - have to bring great support and powerful transformation: 

"So impressed with your breakthrough work on the Unicorn Deck. Each image is imbued with the spirit of pure joy and creative potency! I rejoice. I have shown the work to several people of elevated mind and each person shared the same response of brilliancy and awesome wonder. I am promoting this amazing offering because of how deeply you have worked and how pure this transmission is. Thank you for being you!"

By the way... I'm offering the original, powerful, transformational (literally) unicorn art up for grabs here. I'm permitting payment plans of a non-refundable deposit (to hold your perfect match) with the balance due in 6 weeks. So please message me if you see one that's calling you so that we can get you the support that spirit's sending your way!

At only $99-157 (depending on size), each completely handmade, unique piece took me TWO to THREE hours (most healers and even coaches charge $100-$300 PER hour) to intuit, create, find codes for, and infuse with Anahata Codes and a Sacred Activation (I'm now a Master SA Practitioner).

Oh, and here's a goodie for you!

One of the cards, WITH the Anahata Code recipe infused, with the Sacred Activation infused, AND with the Sacred Activation audio clearing so that you can experience a bit of this magic RIGHT NOW!  

Holly Hallowell (Anahata) describes the Anahata Codes and Assisting Frequencies this way:

Because you are One with all things on a physical level, you need not have the physical of something to channel its assistance. By intuiting and creating code recipes, "The vibrational essence of all that defines one of the codes is being called upon as Divine information to be delivered at a Quantum level to every cell in your body. The attributes and ways to describe it are being circulated around your toroidal heart charka in order to balance. You already have access to this vibration because you are a part of everything but the Anahata Code formalizes your intention in a way your energy layers can understand and circulates it for highest good. The balancing happens dynamically and is solely based on what you need."

And Sacred Activations "are structured to work with you on all levels and layers of your body and energy field: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, historical, generational, through your RNA and DNA, and throughout all dimensions, time, space and realities. These Activations have been created to purify, cleanse and release from your personal energy field existing patterns, blocks and beliefs preventing you from Ascending to the highest levels of consciousness and vibration available to you at this time."

SO... are you ready to play??   
Here's our card... can you FEEL the energy?!

Dancing Uniquorn Oracle Card: EXPLORE MAGIC

Dancing Uniquorn Oracle Card: EXPLORE MAGIC

Explore Magic
Exploration - that sense of curiosity and adventure and open-minded ness - is key to your continued progress. Where have things gotten stagnant? Where are you afraid of being attacked if you step out and explore something new? What would it take to fully step into a new direction? To try one on? To listen to your heart's pull?

That pull is the magic. The signal from your Source Point (your heart). The beacon to your next big adventure. To unexpected delight. Are you willing to go there? Will you be brave and explore what lies ahead, even if you can't see the path clearly?

Let go of certainty - it's only an illusion, anyway.  And choose to explore. Listen to magic.  

The Assisting Frequency Recipe programmed into the original piece and the card:

  • Saturn: Balancing and freeing you from beliefs around limitations / practicality
  • Hod: Supporting Awe, Surrender, Aknowledgement

And the Sacred Activation (you can download the audio clearing here - the bundle of 50 audio clearings - one for each card in the deck - will be available as an additional paid resource, and is part of one of the Dancing Uniquorn Oracle Deck preorder packages here):

Discconnect from Allergies
This deactivation clears any beliefs you have around allergies and the need to experience them. It clears any fears or subconscious beliefs around pets, plants or anything that triggers an allergic reaction for you. Also allows you to explore the world without fear of coming into contact with something that will attack you. Clears you in terms of being “allergic” to anything - certain people, places, etc (from this and all lifetimes), and physical, spiritual, mental and emotional "allergies" as well.

Have FUN! And I'd love to hear how this gift supports you!