You Never Need to Accept Violation... Rising Higher

My latest magical unicorn (for the now-to-be oracle deck!) came through just in time today, with the perfect message. 

I've been posting my Animals of Inspiration illustrations and my magical unicorns on social media, along with messages that I've been channeling for each... in anticipation of putting each into an oracle deck. I've been using FB and IG as my playgrounds and my platforms, freely sharing my original artwork and messages in order to spread joy and inspiration .

I've done that. Apparently, too well, as today I found that someone "spiritual" and "transformational" has taken one of my illustrations and stolen the paragraphs of copy I channeled - word for word - with absolutely no quote or credit, while stripping my illustration and replacing the image with her own in multiple places, several times. 

I felt violated. I felt robbed. I felt a bit of defeat, to be honest, because all the sharing I do is from my heart. I am generous by nature. I would have been delighted had she quoted me or shared my image and words directly from my business page. 

I put my heart and soul literally into everything I put into the world. I share it all because I'm excited to share. There aren't expectations. But that still does not make outright stealing "okay." 

And just because I'm spiritual doesn't mean I need to "look the other way" and "ignore it and send her love and light." My pieces of art, and the messages I bring through, are my babies. They are literally born of me. And I will protect them as fiercely as a lioness protects her cubs.

IT'S OKAY to protect your own boundaries even when - and I say ESPECIALLY when - you are spiritual. And even while standing up for ourselves, we can:

Rise Higher.

Rise above and into your natural state: Love. 

Rising above doesn't mean ignoring what's going on around you. It doesn't mean allowing yourself to be violated and blessing it all with Love and Light. Rising above doesn't mean superiority.

Rising above means remembering Who You Truly Are. You are Source. You are Everything. 

You cannot be held down nor deflated, because it is your destiny to rise. 

(Original art and all original to-be-oracle-card copy by Mellie Test - please credit me if you use it! Giving credit is both appropriate and honorable. <3 )