Staying the Course of MAGIC

The most common "advice" I'm given to achieve "success" in my business is to get rid of what makes what I do so special. To abandon my true gifts, and discard the very WHY I create.

I'm told to speed up and cheapen my work by making it more generic and less thoughtful (which completely goes against the whole REASON I do what I do). To go faster, lower my prices, cater to the unconscious.

I'm "advised" to find a formula and branch into REPLICATION instead of CREATION.

But that takes the magic out of the finished piece (and the magic is my signature), and ALSO takes the joy out of the process for me.

And aren't those of us who are pursuing something bigger, choosing to work towards our dreams, doing it for the JOY? Because it lights us up so much that we can't NOT do it?

The last thing I want is to build something that I hate. To lock myself into a formula or structure that strips what I do of its very essence. That makes me (or my business) a hollow shell for show instead of what I really came here to do.

Not everyone understands the full depth of what I do - in my art, in my design work, in my coaching. I haven't yet found the bridge that allows me to keep doing what makes me special AND allows others to "get it" - even if they don't.

The old business rules no longer apply. And part of my journey is committing to doing things differently. Committing to the NEW way.

And part of that NEW way is NOT giving in to, "How can I make this faster and cheaper?" The new way is NOT competing based on price. The new way is NOT copying others' work so we look like we're something we're not.

It saddens me that many designers and artists have stripped their work of the potential potency by copying others' "successful" works (in hopes of discovering their secret formula). Which is a disservice to their patrons and clients as much as it is themselves.

When you're copying - passing off someone else's work as your own - you've cut off the true inspiration. You can no longer access the pure channel through which you transmit YOUR magic to the world. The work is energetically dead (and/or distorted).

I keep my channel open and pure. I create original, unique works because that's what my clients - and their causes - deserve. That's where the magic and POWER are - in the chance to embrace the FULL TRUTH of their own soul essence and potential.

And I'll tell you - the clients I DO get by doing it my way are the most magical and passionate and genuine people. And THAT is something else that's important to me.

Not just the integrity and magical potency of the final product (which is absolutely of top importance to me) but the alchemy that happens when it's a true co-creation. When we're both ready and willing to go beyond the surface, to throw out the "rules," and hit the core.

I will not compromise the level of clients with whom I work, because the level of the work I do requires trust. And the willingness to move towards your true potential.

I will not compromise the depth and purity of my work by churning out cheap replicas. By making things just "to sell."

Every single thing I make is a pure transmission of something much bigger than me. It's not distorted with agendas nor attachments. I create in the moment, not with attachment to the future.

I'm here to effect transformation. And will continue to do so. The bridge will be built.