I Connect Your Hearts in Art

To be completely clear and authentic, I connect with animals.

Their purity, their honesty, their capacity for unconditional love. I literally FEEL each and every animal I work with. And I channel that energy - that LOVE - right into each and every piece of art that I do.

So I'm not just "drawing a picture." There's a deeper layer to what I'm doing. Something that can only be FELT.

You FEEL it when you hold a piece of my animal art in your hands.

When your pet has passed and you FEEL him or her still here, watching over you. When you can carry that love energy next to your heart in a portrait charm. The comfort my artwork has brought to many thus far is PRICELESS. It's REAL. I'm brought to tears myself each time I'm told how the gift of my art has touched someone.

And I create these portraits because I want to share my gifts and this love with YOU.