NEW E-Course! Intuitive Art with Your Spirit Animals

I've been creating my newest e-course all day, and I'm super proud to release it!

Many of you have worked with power animals, spirit animals, animal oracle cards, animal medicine in the past. So I've come up with a way to DEEPEN that wisdom. 

Because the animal kingdom has SO MUCH WISDOM and SUPPORT for us, if we only tap into it.

So I'm sharing the first art demo lesson of my course with you all lovelies, to help you tap into your intuition and deepen your receptivity to whatever your animals guides have to offer!

Draw an animal oracle card, use an animal you've been working with or drawn to for awhile, or find out what animal wants to partner with you for this exercise, and then BEGIN!

The full course is over here (I'm not asking you to purchase it; I'm simply SO proud and eager to share all the love and energy)! <3