Watch Magic Grow. Original Art.

Watch Magic Grow.

This is a brand spanking new illustration I whipped up this morning just for YOU! Ink and watercolor on a handmade watercolor background. And a sweet little fox reminding us that magic WILL grow when we tend to it.

We've ALL got magic inside. No matter how mundane our outer lives may look, there's an incredible fireworks show going on in our energy fields. Know that when you take the step to touch others with your unique magical gifts, you'll be spreading that glorious fire and warming the hearts of others. Magic WILL grow. Just watch. And your energy will be LIFTED as a result!

By the way, you are most welcome to download a higher res image file of this little illustration if you like! Print it, use it as a wallpaper, and it is my wish that you thoroughly enJOY it!

Use as you like; I only request that you credit me (and you can always send people to my website, :)