Observe the Transformation

Another original ink and watercolor illustration!

(I'm really digging this drawing-on-top-of-playful-splashy-backgrounds technique I'm learning in Jane Davenport's glorious Wonderland watercolor course, in case you hadn't noticed!)

The message I'm called to give you today:

"Observe carefully. Detached. Notice the splendor of every moment, and the joy that springs to life when you are COMPLETELY PRESENT.

When your energy is pulled fully into the NOW, you are available for so much more joy. Your energy is no longer scattered but collected in one place, and it can excitedly indulge in all of the joy this one moment has to offer. Like water flowing into all kinds of nooks and crannies, thirstily seeking out new crevices to fill and explore, so your energy will seep into more possibilities and allow your transformation to unfold. Notice this.

When you are no longer immersed in the past or the present, but literally in each single moment in time, you ARE transformed."

Once again, you can download a higher res image right here!

Use as you like; I only request that you credit me (and you can always send people to my website, http://magicwithmellie.com :)