A Message on Receiving

A message for today, lovelies... Asking what needs to be said...

Receiving, It's all about receiving. It's more than an intention; it's more than a visualization. It's more than a thing. It's a complete experience, and I do mean complete. It's an acknowledgment, a feeling, a Knowing that resonates deep in your soul. It's not something to be DONE; receiving is something to BE.

BE a receiver. BE an antenna. Call to you all that serves you, all that supports you. Put out the call. Be calling as you stand tall and emit your own frequency through the world. Allow your frequency to carry and be ready for those who will call YOU.

There are waves intersecting. Waves that are rippling. Waves that are making a difference when they connect with and amplify each other. These waves are seeking blindly, but not without sense. They cannot be tricked or lured. They are the TRUE sounds. The TRUE knowing.

YOU are true. Send them straight to the source of your comfort. And receive them as you emit and answer another's call.