Harness the MAGIC You came Here to BE

"Source Love" original Dancing Uniquorn painting. 30 x 48 inches, ready to hang. $1500

"Source Love" original Dancing Uniquorn painting. 30 x 48 inches, ready to hang. $1500

"Creating art is a deeper experience that it’s been given credit for. It is channeling - harnessing - the magic you have access to.

"You are each aligned with your own magical star beam, if you will. And the stardust that comes floating down to you over this beam is yours and yours alone. It’s not that you can’t access Universal Consciousness, because you can and you do - it’s that YOU have been given your particular key code to your own particular stream.

"It’s like you came to earth for a vacation (which is a bit of a joke, as we know it doesn’t often seem like a vacation here in this density) and your star beam is your luggage. It’s all of the “essentials” that you’ve brought along for the ride to keep you company. Only many of you have forgotten that you brought this with you! You tend to feel you forgot your essentials back at “home!” And you’re sitting around waiting for them to arrive, but all you really need to do is tune in and look up and remember.

"So it’s time to remember. It’s time to remember that YOU have a unique perspective. That YOUR expression is the key. Your expression of THAT which is who you ARE. And that is what is TRULY meant by “intuitive art.”

“Intuitive” has become a bit of a buzzword and has lost its true meaning in many realms nowadays. In the art realm, in the entrepreneur realm, in the design realm, as well. “Intuitive” has become a way for many to give up their responsibility instead of taking it on. Instead of stepping up to the plate, they’re using “intuitive” as a way to manipulate others and at the same time, take the pressure off.

"But you ARE intuitive - IF and when you CLAIM it. When you FULLY CLAIM YOUR MAGIC. And the “art” piece isn’t about making money or gaining recognition - the art is the action of expressing what you came here to express. It’s a means of translating the energy and the essence of your being and your gifts into a form that others can receive and from which they can benefit. It’s TRUE EXPRESSION, in the purest sense of the word.

"So we advise you to remember that you are stardust. And you are here to share your OWN sparkle with the world. Because you are having an effect and an impact already. And the more you express your gifts and your energy - the more you give yourself the freedom and permission to share it ALL - the more magic you will spread."

-- Channeled by Mellie Test