Size is Not Power: an Intuitive Painting

The size of the package from the outside has NOTHING to do with its power. 

This canvas? Is 3 inches by 3 inches. TINY compared to some. Yet can't you FEEL its power? Can't you FEEL the depth of the layers, the colors, the energy?!

We may be making shifts and changes. We may be tweaking our mindsets and opening the channels to more trust and more creativity. We may be feeling HUGELY different.

And you know what? It may not LOOK that way on the outside. It may LOOK like our shifts are tiny, that our baby steps are too small. The external presentation may fool us — and maybe even others, for awhile.

Step into your power. Your solidity. Your presence, like this mountain has. Allow yourself to amplify the FEELING of all you've done. And all you ARE. And all that you are available to receive. CONTINUE TO EXPAND that container. And be in your full presence.

You are enough. There is depth and power in EVERY step, no matter how seemingly big or small. EVERY step is POWERFUL.

Are you ready to take another?