Listen to the Unicorn: Let Go

I finished this little illustration last night... she "fell out of my pen" as the lovely and inspirational Aussie artist Jane Davenport would say... and I have been SO EXCITED to share her with you!

Intend and Let Go. Copyright 2016 Mellie Test

Intend and Let Go. Copyright 2016 Mellie Test

Can you feel it? The vibrance? The energy? The MAGIC?

My gift to you today. And one of my OWN biggest lessons, which is why she came through (I have no doubt!). 

Intending is one thing - setting goals, acknowledging desires... Yet once we have set our trajectory, "letting go" is the key. Because we really never know EXACTLY how something is going to come to pass. And if we put on our blinders and focus on the ONE WAY we *think* something is going to happen, we leave ourselves literally BLIND to any other,  "this or BETTER" possibilities and opportunities that may come our way!

So use this sweet little glittery magical unicorn to remind you that we don't always (in fact, we USUALLY don't) know where the magic s going to come from. But we CAN trust that it is THERE and on its way! 

If you'd like to soak up more of her energy - maybe hang her next to your bed or your desk? - you can download a higher res version of this magnificent - and potent - unicorn illustration right here.

As this is both completely original, handmade art AND incredibly powerful energetically, I'd love it if you credit me (and hey, maybe link to my site?!) anywhere you use it! I also do custom illustrations (GREAT for kids' and BIG kids' rooms), so you know where to send any of your inspiration-loving friends! <3