Create Color from Your JOY: Mellie's Car Art

JOY. DO you ALLOW yourself enough of it? 

I mean really ALLOW.

OR do you tell yourself you need to be practical? You need to be responsible? You need to be an adult and don't have time for "frivolity?" 

Embrace your joy. Indulge in it, and allow it to get stronger! Play the video for a "car art" intuitive art tutorial using COLOR you LOVE.

You DO have time. Even one minute is TIME!

I have begun taking just 5-10 JOYFUL minutes in the car various times during the week to indulge in creativity. The goal isn't to make "beautiful art." The goal is to dive into what brings me JOY - which then fuels other parts of my day and life. It's something - now that I've begun - that I CRAVE.

Just a few minutes in the car after spending more than an hour driving to get to the current day job... Just a few minutes of calm, centering BLISS. Of PLAY. Of exploration. Of intention. 

And I don't mean "intention" as in meditating and journaling and mantra-ing for luxurious hours upon hours. I don't mean forcing "ritual" when your life (like mine, perhaps) doesn't afford it (and when your exhausted, commuting body would benefit more from that hour of sleep than it would from devoting more pre-dawn time to a lofty dedicated routine). 

By intention, I mean that I CHOOSE to give myself this time. I INTEND to do something FOR ME. Because my SOUL needs it. 

Doesn't yours?  

Where is YOUR joy? And how can you find it, in minutes, without lots of fancy schmancy tools and accoutrements?

How can you help that JOY expand into even MORE cracks in your current life?  And give it room to grow?

"Guidance from the Self" intuitive channeled art,  ©  Mellie Test 2015.

"Guidance from the Self" intuitive channeled art, © Mellie Test 2015.

(By the way, in speaking in the video about keeping your supplies small and handy, I personally keep my random art supplies in my "wallet," which is really a pouch bearing my magical intuitive painting, Guidance from the Self. I have the smaller size, which is perfect for convenience, portability, and comfort - hey, I'm a practical girl and I prefer my "things" multitask heavily!)

Or you could also try one of my magical channeled energy COSMIC pouched like The Cosmic Key to Prosperity and Trust or The Vibrant Vortex of Choice!