By the Light of the Moon

Original mixed media artwork. Copyright Mellie Test, 2016.

Original mixed media artwork. Copyright Mellie Test, 2016.

By the light of the moon
We are laid bare
Our shadows are illuminated
Stark, unrelenting
Yet we know
We are held
For our moons never leave us

I asked, "What needs to come through today? What needs to be said?"

You are in a period of transformation. You are looking at all you've pushed aside in the harsh light of illuminated shadows. It's not comfortable. And that's the point.

There comes a time when the comfort has served its purpose. When we've been held too long and it's time to take a new step. The terrifying step. The "fuck fear" step.

It's not about creating an artificial hurdle so that "success" becomes a show; it's about taking the step you KNOW you need to take. 

And sometimes? That step is to withdraw. Because sometimes it's easier to feel safe in the spotlight than to be alone, healing your wounds. And it is time to heal... By recognizing your strengths.

Where are you strong? Where have your animal instincts served you? Where is your presence alone ENOUGH? 

How deeply will you allow yourself to FEEL your own presence so that you can fully embody it?

Ask the light of the moon. <3