Bring Back the PLAY for the Sake of Play: Intuitive Art Video!

Dude. We're about to scribble and rip and paste and smear! Just for FUN!


Today is all about PLAY for the sake of PLAY. And what could be more playful than scribbling on coffee filters, ripping them up and gluing them down, then spreading around paint on top... WITH YOUR FINGERS?!


But that doesn't mean to TAKE this seriously! DO everything you can to GET AWAY FROM SERIOUS! Hey, I even had a blooper in my video but just kept going because... it's funny. It's goofy. It's light and it's FUN. 

Oh, and It's ME. I'm not here to pretend to be someone I'm not. And I'm not going to wait to share all the magic I have in store for you until I can hire a professional videographer or get some professional equipment or hire a professional editor. I've got it, so you get it - NOW.

What I love most about giving you ideas like this is that they're exactly that: IDEAS. You? Can use whatever supplies you want! What do you have on hand? What new supplies have you been dying to check out, just to see what they can do? GO FOR IT. Experiment! 

Maybe you'll end up using this as a background for future art. Maybe you'll fold it and it will become a greeting card. Or you'll cut it up again and make gift tags. Or you'll love how playful and free and fun and joyful it feels and decide you want to hang it, just as-is!

Maybe. But you don't have to. YOU get to choose. And I'm hoping you choose to forget about all that for now. Forget about the future. And JUST PLAY in "the NOW!"

IF you're curious about what supplies I was using, here's a quick (non-affiliate-link; just FYI) list:

  • Metallic acrylic craft paint from Target in "20K Gold" ($3)

  • Faber Castell Gelatos (LOVE SO MUCH!!!): Brights set of 12

  • Liquitex Gloss gel medium (or you can use ModPodge etc; I actually bought the gel medium I'm using in the video at WalMart, but I love Liquitex)

  • Ph Martin India Ink (set of 12 colorful little bottles - I LOVE Ph Martin liquid watercolors, too!)

  • Hero Arts neon ink cubes (I actually used the dauber vs the cubes, but the cubes are less costly for multiple colors)

  • Chalk pastels: a $30 set and a $15 set (neither used in this video but I LOVE chalk pastels and wetting them with water, too, after scribbling! So PLAYFUL!)