The Energy of Possibility

Today I sat down and opened up my small sketchbook, and asked the Universe to bring something joyful through for you.

My lovely Daniel Smith watercolors (quinacridone burnt sienna, delft blue, cobalt blue, quinacridone violet and opera pink) found their alchemy, and I made sure to channel in the energy of... possibility.

That's what came through for you today. Possibility.

The ENERGY of possibility.  

Because without being open to what's possible, we close ourselves off from new potentials. We seal our fate, in a sense, to what we've already seen. What we've already done. We close the loop and resign ourselves to a destiny we've already outgrown.

The energy of POSSIBILITY will reopen it for you. It will invite in new magic. New ways to play with the energy that surrounds you. New ways to remind yourself just how POWERFUL you are. Just how much of a PRESENCE you have.

So dive in. FEEL the energy and allow it to expand what you thought was possible. Allow yourself to embrace what's on its way.