Nurture Your Core (Lion Wisdom)

"Nurture Your Core," original ink and watercolor on watercolor paper.   ©  Mellie Test 2016  

"Nurture Your Core," original ink and watercolor on watercolor paper. 
© Mellie Test 2016 

I just LOVE it when magic happens!  Case in point: I intuitively drew this little lion illustration, then intuitively drew this little orb in his hands, then asked what message I needed to include with him.

"Nurture Your Core" came through.

As in (as I tune in for a deeper message), tend to your own inner magic. Cultivate your strength by going within. Gather your power in your center before you take any outward action. And sometimes, when you explore your own inner realms and nurture your magnificence that way, you don't even NEED to "take action," because things will start coming to YOU. Magnetically.

Now, do you need some more evidence of magic and the importance of this message coming through for you?

I went to Carrie Hart's Power Animals Unleashed site to look up the meaning for "lion."

And what do you know? All about centered strength. Nurturing your center through quiet connection. Presence from the CORE:

"The lion is power, but power contained.  He will teach you the strength of quiet command.  He will teach you to hold yourself with such presence that merely being around you will fill others with respect and awe. 
Know and be the quiet strength of complete confidence.  Speak calmly and with authority.  Act from a place of personal truth and wisdom, a wisdom that comes from the quiet times you spend just being and feeling your deep connection with all that is.

(The original ink and watercolor illustration, infused with this lion wisdom and energy to entrain your own personal vibration to these qualities) is available for $125 including shipping - email me if you're interested!)