Expressing YOU + How To Draw Cute Characters

I posted this video this morning on my personal FB wall for the benefit of Karen Cougan (who is an INCREDIBLE Aussie artist and photographer - AND a bonafide mermaid herself - anyone wanna fly me over there for a photoshoot with her?!) It's a behind-the-scenes flip-through of the little sketchbook that holds my lovely little mermaid series (I adore them and had so much fun drawing and painting them)!

I felt inspired to also share it with you all this morning, because there's some more specific wisdom that wanted to be shared!

Such as...

  • Get out of worry. For me? A small cheapie sketchbook means I'm not worried about "wasting" supplies or creating something "ugly" in a beautiful journal. I'm not worried about "having" to fill up a large space. It's freeing!
  • Do things for YOU, not because you need to perform. I created these mermaids because they were calling to me. I created because I wanted to express myself, NOT because I was planning on showing them formally or expected them to become "art."
  • You can be YOU. And that can encompass EVERYTHING you are. This wasn't my "mermaid sketchbook." There are all kinds of doodles and drawings and notes housed here. They are ALL ME. You don't HAVE to "focus" - you can simply EXPRESS. Express you - and that means ALL of you. Because ALL of you, put together, makes you unique!

By the way, if you'd like to play with the little "How to Draw... various cute characters" lessons, which I mention in the video, here's a list - have fun!