Permission for YOUR Process

Only YOU know your process. Only YOU know how YOU best receive, interpret, and alchemize information. You have permission to OWN THAT. It makes you YOU.

I had a woman contact me this past year who told me that her intuition said that MY process was "wrong" and that it wasn't legitimate. She said that I was intentionally making my paintings take a long time (some of my paintings take weeks and even months to complete their alchemy, layer by layer). She said that if I wanted to be a successful artist, I needed to change my process.

Instead of my careful, intuitive, guided pieces, I needed to create fast, careless paintings that I could sell super cheap. Because, she said, I hadn't "earned the right" to sell my paintings for what I feel they're worth. I hadn't "earned the right?!"

YOU DON'T HAVE TO EARN THE RIGHT to have your own process. To know your SELF. You don't have to earn ANYTHING, because - guess what? - you already HAVE your own magic.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. As you are.

In this video, I chat a bit about my own process, and how I keep the flow going with multiple pieces at once. I mention how, in painting just as in life, it's okay to dive into something that fascinates you. And I also include a quick timelapse as I intuitively add layers to a few of the different small canvases I have going on right now. A bird even starts to emerge!