Channeled Art Intended to Support YOU

This morning, I felt compelled to bring through some healing art specifically for you. I set my intention to channel whatever you needed, so here you go!  I also recorded a timelapse video so you can feel the energy as it's infused!

So gaze at the image, watch the video, and intend to be open to receive what is meant for YOU. <3  

There was a BRILLIANT message this morning on Facebook from Sophie Bashford on the nature of channeled transmissions. And this also applies to channeled art, such the visual translations of energy I create. They are MEANT go BEYOND the conscious mind, so while your mind might be saying, "But what does it MEAN?"... You don't really NEED any more than this image to receive all it has to offer you!

How awesome is THAT for validation?!

She says:
"When Ascended Masters and Guides provide transmissions for you to read, there are encoded within them extremely high vibrations which are not wired for the intellect to process.

Whilst your mind may feel satisfied with 'information', it is the aim of divine masters to bypass your mind.

They seek only to open your intuitive centres and your heart, in order to raise your awareness from the lower perspective of the third dimension, to the upper echelons of the multi-dimensional realms.

When you read and absorb channeled messages, it is advisable to allow your energy to soak up the messages, like water into a sponge.

Don't worry if it doesn't all 'make sense' to your intellect. Pay attention to your emotions. Pay attention to your body. Pay attention to your psychic senses.

This is how your higher channels open and purify. This is how you can most optimally make use of the beneficent transmissions of Great Masters.

They are given as donations of heavenly Love. They are given as a reminder that you are part of a Greater System of Universal Order.

They are given in answer to your prayers for happiness, growth, fulfilment and joy.

Receive them only with humility, and openness to how Divine Intelligence wishes for them to be used on your energy field."

If you'd like to nourish yourself further, I posted a fun 10 minute video to help you nourish your self intuitively with COLOR in my free Facebook group (Inspired Intuitive Art & Action) - feel free to join in the fun if you want more! :)