Easy Intuitive Art How-To: With Only Pens + Your Intuition!

Grab a couple pens and a notepad of some sort, and click on the video to PLAY with me (around 10 minutes)!

Yes, another episode of CAR ART!  

I really LOVE creating these videos for you, and they are giving me a wonderful excuse to PLAY for myself! :)

I've had a lot of people ask me what supplies they need. Is it okay if they only have crayons? Or notebook paper?


I started this video with just 3 pens and a notebook, and giving you prompts for one way to start creating while getting your mind out of the picture.


  • First INTEND to be receptive and invite in the flow of energy.
  • Then CHOOSE. A shape that you can begin with and draw over and over again. Different sizes, in different places... Just GO FOR IT. 
  • Then ASK. Ask a yes/no question of your intuition, such as, "Shall I make a mark HERE? Shall I use THIS color?" 
  • And LISTEN in response. Do you FEEL yourself light up? Do you feel a nudge to move forward? If so, your intuition has just given you the answer!
I also start chatting about how I (and how you can) collect these quick "out of mind" intuitive art pieces and add to them, intuitively, over time. Building and building on the layers and the depth, and creating even more alchemy as time goes on.

There IS no right nor wrong.

YOU are a CREATOR! So create!

And the more you start to play with - and listen to - your intuition (which honestly often DOES come as thoughts, even though we've been taught for so long NOT to listen to our thoughts), the stronger that muscle will get!

(Oh, if you've never heard of Moleskine and are curious about the official pocket sketchbook journals - of which mine is a knockoff... And Moleskine ALSO makes a great pocket-sized watercolor journal here.)

Have FUN! <3