Your TRUE Desires are Worth It: Intuitive Watercolor

This small watercolor painting says it all.

Look toward new heights. And enjoy the colorful journey along the way.

Where are you stopping yourself from reaching because you think you’re reaching too high? Where are you afraid to claim your TRUE desires? 

You are on a journey, so please don’t judge yourself based on which peaks you’ve attained and which you have left to scale. There are endless resting spots along the way, so don’t be afraid that you won’t last. That you’ll have to turn around. That you don’t have the stamina nor the skill to stay the path. 

You do. 

IF you’re brave enough to choose the right path.

And you’ll know because you will LOVE your path. Your desires will fill you with lightness and joy. You will be fascinated with your goals, in the deepest parts of your being. 

Are you choosing the mountain you REALLY want to climb? Or are you settling for the one you *think* you already have the endurance for?

Follow the color in your heart.

Want to feel deeper into this energy of possibility and heart's desire? You can download a higher res photo of this energetically powerful watercolor right here.