Magic in Our Layers

We are complete beings, yet we are also increasing our depth through our physical experience. Each bit of experience we have contributes to the whole. And not in a put-the-puzzle-piece-where-it-goes way. In an ALCHEMIZED way. 

Every new piece of ourselves we add and allow to integrate changes the whole. Everything is interconnected, yet we often find ourselves piling on new solutions, adding new pieces on top of our masterpieces, "adding on" what we think might be "missing."

When instead, it's about ABSORBING what we already have, and who we already are. It's about finding a new piece and allowing it to BECOME PART of the whole. As if it had always been there. TO CHANGE THE REALITY of the whole.

These photos are of the same unicorn - a mixed media sketchbook piece which I whipped up last last night.

The only difference?

Layers. New bits which have been added and completely change the underlying piece. New bits which integrate with those that came before, and completely change the effect. Deepening it. Intensifying it.

A MESSAGE FOR YOU, if you're reading this...

This is the time to allow all of those pieces you've been holding away from yourself to be held, acknowledged, and fully assimilated into your system. Now is the time. You are ready to fully step into your power, and in order to be prepared, you must re-integrate your full self. Allow all of the pieces to commune. To support. To manifest your brightest being.

When you allow yourself to see your true magnificence, it will amplify your impact in a subtle yet powerful way. It will feel like a revelation, a new "aha," and as you settle into that reality, your own reality will change and take on a new depth of form.