PLAY with the Unexpected: Intuitive Art Video

"The creative process is a process of surrender, not control."  --Julia Cameron

Today's video (click above to play!) is just a playful little ditty encouraging you to release control and attachment to outcome - or even knowing what you might use that particular background/paper/etc for in the future... and learn to literally JUST PLAY. For the sheer JOY of it. For your enJOYment. That's all.

Spray water, drip some ink, blotch around some watercolor sprinkle some salt... It's ALL an experiment. Just like LIFE! And the more we get comfortable with that FACT... the more FREEDOM we will encounter!

What if... you let yourself PLAY like this, with whatever art materials you have around, on even a SCRAP piece of paper if an official "art journal" or "notebook" feels to heavy and official? What if you ALLOWED yourself FIVE MINUTES a day to just GET SOMETHING DOWN? And notice what opening begins...

Will you try it?