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This painting took me over TWO MONTHS to complete. It was a true exercise in letting go. With each layer, something new emerged. Twice I thought I was almost done, and then made a moved that "messed it up!"  Yet the final painting is FULL of depth and magical energy. So there WERE - and ARE - no accidents!  

The birds emerged last night, after the painting had been sitting on my rock climbing crash pad (covered with an old picnic blanket; my "easel" of choice) against the wall for a few weeks. I was sitting on the floor staring at the canvas, and suddenly, the birds jumped out at me, so I cut them out of the background. Then the words came. All in Divine Timing.

Part of my admiration for artist Juliette Crane comes from her willingness to cover up her paintings, over and over again, just playing and letting the expression come forth in waves, in its own rhythm and time. 

Patience tends to be the most difficult concept for me. When I want to CREATE, I get so excited that everything spills out of me in a flash, and then I anticipate the warm reception from the WHOLE WORLD. Which usually doesn't happen, to be honest. 

I LOVE my art. I LOVE sharing my soul and infusing each piece with powerful energy. AND YET, there's a letting go that HAS to happen after I birth something.

Perhaps there are more pieces waiting to fall into place. Perhaps that perfect constellation is still being formed. It's not going to stop me. And it requires a great deal of TRUST that even when we don't see the monumental external changes we FEEL inside - or FEEL in our soul's work -  there IS movement.

Just as I had to trust with this painting, after probably 20 (!) layers, that the PERFECT imagery would emerge when it was time.  And it did. Without forcing. Without faking. It EMERGED when the depths had cradled the energy long enough. When it was ready to fly.

Although I'm not providing a free high-res download of this painting, I have added it to my RedBubble shop if you feel called to invite its energy into your home (on a sticker, pillow, tote, laptop skin, etc) and work with it more deeply. Follow your intuition - if it calls to you, there's a reason! <3