Intuitive Art for YOU + Shamballa Reiki Group Healing

I'm "outing" myself in today's inspiration. "Post and puke," right?! Or let's just call it stepping out...

What I wanted to do was to gift you all with a group healing! 

In the video, I'm channeling Shamballa Reiki healing AND supportive energies for YOUR unique intentions... all you have to do is WATCH and RECEIVE!

As I paint, I naturally channel energies that are healing to those who participate by watching the art get made. It's effortless, and it’s powerful. I allow the healing ESSENCE to come through. There’s no need to search for meaning - I naturally channel the core energy. Raw and unfiltered.

When I asked the Universe how to describe what I'm doing, here's what I was told:

You naturally tune in to the fields created by the intentions of those who watch. It’s effortless for you - you don’t even need to think or “do” anything other than to create in the moment. As you tap into the field generated by intentions - including the intentions of those who will watch in the future - you automatically bring forward the energies most needed to support those who are watching. And you infuse the artwork with that same “solution” energy. Those “missing pieces” so desperately sought.  You are translating the energies into form - like a dreamcatcher. You ARE a dreamcatcher, catching dreams and bringing them across the veil into form as art. The translation process can be FELT even before it becomes visual in nature. It is this FEELING that you are so tuned in to.

You are taking them beyond the mind. You are in essence hypnotizing them with your own energy as YOU automatically tap in to what they need and embody that in your own system. You BECOME the energy they need. You EMBODY it. And you further that embodiment by creating ART while you’re in that state. You create a living totem.

SO... I set the intention for anyone who watches this video now and in the future to be included in the group healing. I tapped into the field and I CREATED!  So set your own intentions and you'll receive the healing.

If you would like to work further with the art (the "living totem" as it were), feel free to download a copy on Dropbox... either vertical or horizontal

And most of all, ENJOY! <3