My Sketchbook is My Teacher (+ Four New Pieces)

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 6.55.57 PM.png

My tiny sketchbook has increasingly become my biggest teacher. Note the four small pieces above, each which evolved naturally, without pressure or definition. There's a sense of vibrancy, animation, depth and joy in each, don't you feel?

  • Knowing that I don't need much time, that there is no finished product in mind, allows me to make as few or as many marks as I feel inspired to. It becomes organic. Inspired. And feels fresh and light and joyful. As when, during my days, I allow myself the freedom to follow my inspiration and joy instead of rigidly scheduling each moment. There is magic without structure.
  • Keeping each piece small allows the white space to be rapidly filled, and somehow allows composition to flow even more intuitively. Perhaps this is similar to focusing on the now moment, where there's no panic about the past nor future, and the compositions of our lives begin to flow.
  • I'm not creating these with the intention of showing anyone, or selling them, or using them for a particular project. Instead, I'm creating them for ME. With the goal of having fun, experimenting and exploring and letting new possibilities emerge. By nurturing myself first in this way - by first focusing on my own joy instead of always planning what and how to give, I'm getting into the vibration of flow because I'm giving myself permission to RECEIVE. To be a priority.

What happens if you just let go - rest when you feel like it, hustle only when it feels good? What happens if you let go of the past and future and fill the NOW moment with all of your attention? What happens if you make your OWN receiving a priority before attending to anyone else's needs or desires?  

What happens if you allow your ART, your CREATIONS, to lead you there?

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