Proud to Announce the HeartFULL Dogs Enchanted Coloring Book!

IT'S HERE! The HeartFULL Dogs Enchanted Coloring Book! 

And while I WISH I could say this was the WHOLE reason I've been horribly absent from my regular posting schedule, in truth it was only a part. I've been doing a LOT of clearing and releasing of old negative patterns and limiting beliefs that have been hanging around for so long that I didn't even realize they were still there. And so that's meant a LOT of questioning. A LOT of introspection. Being kind to myself.

The good news? I'm coming out of it! Thanks to the support of you all as well as my team of magical friends online.

ANYWAY... here's a look:

It can be found on already, and I'm so incredibly proud.  

You can also find timelapse videos of some of the dogs being handdrawn from scratch on my HeartFULL Pets YouTube page.

AND, if you'd like to read the entire introduction I wrote (how HeartULL Pets began), which appears in the book itself, allow me to entertain you...

Once upon a time, Mellie was living in the Front Range of colorful Colorado when she received a job offer from across the country — near Philadelphia, to be more precise. Although she adored Colorado (and so did her dogs!), she couldn’t resist this job offer as a website operations manager and designer with... a PET COMPANY! 

So, she packed her 3yo son and 2 dogs in her Prius with all the belongings they could fit, and she moved across the country to take a new job, in a new town, with a new optimism (at that time, the good — and good-paying — jobs in her Colorado town had been seriously lacking).

One of Mellie’s favorite things about this new pet company (besides her *wonderful* coworkers) was having REAL LIVE PETS in the office EVERY DAY!  Since the office made use of an open layout, dogs could run around and socialize. Cats would drape across desks. It was HEAVEN for an animal lover like Mellie!

Mellie loved to draw and paint when she was younger, but years ago she’d abandoned her art after (perhaps well-meaning) teachers told her she was neither talented nor special. They were basing their analysis on being able to replicate someone else’s work. And at her schools, there was only room for a couple of kids to be deemed “The Artists.” So, figuring they knew best, she listened, and didn’t pick up a pencil or paintbrush for ages. Luckily, after college, Mellie discovered and taught herself graphic design, which became a creative outlet in the interim between then... and now. (Although there was a near birth of HeartFULL Pet Portraits around 2007 when Mellie created a portrait of her sister's Rottie in this bold and funky style as a birthday gift.  There wasn’t any strategy around this line-art-meets-watercolor creation — it simply happened! Mellie’s sister Tara displays the very first HeartFULL Pet Portrait to this day.)

After an astrology reading with and encouragement from a talented woman named Wendy Cicchetti in 2013, Mellie realized that the “missing piece” in her life was indeed her creative expression, and decided to challenge herself to create again. Every day, she committed to just 30 minutes, to relieve the pressure of creating something “perfect.”

So, she allowed herself to begin creating. For 30 minutes each morning, Mellie would draw and paint, and the obvious choice for a subject was... pets! She began drawing the adorable #junecarterdog as her first experiment.   Using only a Sharpie and some watercolor to keep things simple, Mellie created.. and then shared. 

A Boston Terrier named Franklin and a cat named Daisy were next.  Mellie began gifting her coworkers with these quick pet portrait pieces, and soon she began to get requests. A couple years later, after moving back to Colorado, Mellie realized she was actually connecting with the energy of each animal, just as in proper animal communication. She then realized that these were no ordinary portraits; they were magical and actually ENCHANTED!

Since that time, these magical HeartFULL Pet Portraits have expanded into custom necklace charms, oracle decks, tee shirt designs, and now, a COLORING BOOK!  Of course, Mellie’s style has continued to evolve over the last 2.5 years, and this coloring book contains a selection of her earliest dog portraits alongside her most recent (this month)! She really hopes you enjoy the magic and wisdom and soulful connection that each of these dogs have to share with you!