An Intuitive Art Lesson! YOU Can Channel Art!

YOU are already a channel. It's inherent. You are ALWAYS bringing through energy and guidance - you simply may not be aware of it!

Intention also plays a huge part. When we tune in, when our intentions are pure, and when we allow ourselves to soften and be receptive (instead of "trying" to "get it"), the Universe can't HELP but deliver what we ask for!  TRUST is the key.

And yes, at first, you might worry you're not "doing it right." That's where PRACTICE comes in. Practicing DETACHMENT - another spiritual principle.  Because as long as we're "trying" to make something specific, "trying" to make it look a certain way, we're actually blinding ourselves and cutting ourselves off from what WANTS to come through - which may be even bigger and better than we'd ever imagined! There are bigger things at play...

And in intuitive, channeled art, the ONLY way to allow the alchemy to happen is to LISTEN. And respond. EVEN WHEN you think the mark you're being guided to make will be "ugly."  EVEN WHEN you don't like it... right now.

I can tell you right now that almost every piece I create has an "ugly phase." And I keep going. Making marks. Letting it rest as the energies integrate and until I feel inspired to move.

As the lovely Jumana Sophia says: 

"Taking time to integrate and allow things to truly settle into you is not a is key to allowing for full absorption and transformation."

You don't HAVE to finish a piece of art in one sitting or in a given timeframe. In fact, IT'S MORE POWERFUL when you give it TIME. When you paint or create as you feel INSPIRED. 

LET THE INSPIRATION COME TO YOU. Soften around your expectations. And it WILL come.

Watch the video (18 minutes) and OPEN your OWN magical CHANNEL!