Live YOUR Truth.


I keep coming back to this mantra. This magical reminder to come back to center. Realize what beings YOU joy. What FEELS like PLAY. Where the FUN lies. Because that's where you have access to the true magic.

What are your true, honest desires? What fuels YOU? Where do you find your inspiration?

It's OKAY. In fact, it's more than okay. To BE YOU - fully you. To stand where you are and shine out ALL that you are.

You don't need a package or a niche or a funnel. You don't need a title or definition. What you NEED, more than ANYTHING, is to be as boldly, authentically you as you can - and to not only accept it, but to CELEBRATE it!  


It's okay if you don't fit in a box. I don't. I'm a designer, an artist/illustrator, a teacher, a fitness trainer, an inspiration. I create art, I record guided meditations, I channel messages, I give oracle readings. And even in my art, I paint abstracts, I splash in watercolor, I draw animal portraits.

My truth is that I AM NOT JUST ONE THING. I love it ALL. And that is AWESOME!

Even more of my truth is that VARIETY drives me. Inspiration needs to flow. I thrive on flexibility. I NEED to create anything that asks to come through. As soon as it's ready.

And the thing that would kill my spirit the fastest is to be forced to create my life and my business in a box someone else constructed. For every day to be the same. To be tied down by a schedule that captured every hour of my day. To "only" post my paintings, or "only" post my meditations, or "only" post about graphic design. Because "only" isn't my truth - ALL is. WHOLENESS is. SOUL EXPRESSION is.

"Branding" be damned. "Consistency" doesn't have to limit you. And the "advice" of the "experts" isn't always going to apply... to YOU.

Where can YOU live YOUR truth more fully? And are you allowing yourself to acknowledge and claim it in the first place?

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