Drawing (pun!) from Life Experience


Confession: I use poses from dance photography as references for my mermaids. They're inspiring and nostalgic.

Growing up, Dancing was my LIFE. Instead of sports and school activities, I took dance classes, went to competitions, and performed as much as I could (being on the dance team in high school meant performing at football and basketball halftimes).

I was so obsessed that I'd practice tirelessly in our basement and garage. I'd choreograph dances for our neighbors. I'd tap dance in elevators and while waiting in lines. In high school, I'd literally take my cassette stereo (dating myself!) into the parking lot behind our apartment building and practice over and over and over again.

But I was always told I was "too big" to be a dancer. In college, my professor would comment that she had no idea how they'd find a costume to fit me. So becoming a fitness professional for nearly 20 years was my way of continuing to express the performer and choreographer in me, long after I no longer had to squeeze my wide feet into pointe shoes.

Drawing these mermaids as dancers brings that piece of me alive again. <3