PLAY to Allow - and INVITE - Magic

This was one of two intuitive and activated art sketchbook flip-throughs I posted in the Find Your Uniquorn Create Treasure Hunt Journey ecourse.

The reminder and encouragement is for you to sit down and PLAY with whatever you have available when you feel inspired.

In this notebook, I allowed spontaneous, relaxed, and intuitive PLAY... turns out this sketchbook was the unintended beginning of the Dancing Uniquorn oracle deck and artwork series, too. Which emerged BECAUSE I allowed myself to truly let go and just have a blast. For ME.

So, I invite you, too, to play without agenda. Create quickly and turn the page. No need to create with the expectation of luring your own unique unicorn into the open - instead, as you dip into your own playful curiosity in each moment, you'll be able to look back and notice each step she took forward, intrigued by your frequency of joy.

It's not for us to demand she emerge by trying to create specific patterns of expression; rather, it's up to us to cultivate an environment of joyful delight so she feels safe to show herself bit by bit!

Below I show a real-time intuitive-art-quickie session, to give you an idea (and PROOF!) that art-making is for anytime WITH any amount of time you have!

(You can join the Uniquorn journey anyt ime if you like - we're ready to welcome you into our private FB space when you do!)