Healing Through Intuitive Art - Part 1

Healing begins within. With the Self. The Core of Who You Be.

Many of us have a strong desire - an urge from beyond this singular human experience - to "make a difference." To inspire, to serve, to create, to heal others.  Yet our ability to impact others is only as powerful as our own clarity. Our own glow.


Healing through intuitive art is NOT about "art therapy." 

"Art therapy is a mental health profession in which clients, facilitated by the art therapist, use art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork to explore their feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness." Source

This is not that.

It's not about "mental health." It's not about "exploring and analyzing your feelings." It's about becoming the straightest road for driving YOUR OWN MAGIC, without the requirement for quantification or analysis.

"Art therapy" is focused on psychology. The MIND. And the mind is inherently limited. The mind is genius at creating clutter. Distraction. "Mental masturbation." All of which hinders the flow of energy.

THE FLOW OF Energy is unlimited. It'S PURE potential.

And intuitive art (in contrast to "art therapy") can assist you in harnessing that potential. YOUR potential. By creating clear, sacred space, and allowing the energy to flow as it desires.

"My Lakota friends would say that clutter-free, clean, sacred space is important because the clutter can act as filters to distort an image or a message from the spirit. So, the more clarity we have in our space, the clearer and more free of distortion the Spirit message is... A clear channel is one without obstructions, through which the moving energy can flow free and clear of obstruction without becoming muddy or distorted.

Grandpa Fools Crow taught us to ask to become a hollow bone - that is, a bone without calcium structures, marrow, or other hindrances to the flow of energy, the message of Spirit. All these concepts express sacred space because they refer to a space that is free of obstruction, clutter-free and clear so that the Spirit in the message and the energy of this Creator can flow through us cleanly and reach the recipient without being diminished or altered or changed." -- Sun Dancing by Michael Hull

By being centered (specifically, by creating sacred space in the heart center) and then creating art intuitively, moment by moment, we remove the obstructions of the mind from our art-making. We remove the filters of opinion and analysis, allowing our pure, already-healed unicorn selves to emerge with each brush stroke or fingerprint.

It's not about finding what's wrong. Looking for issues to dwell upon. Because we'll always find what we're looking for. Meaning that instead, we can look for the Magic inside. We can look for the bright, beautiful spark of pure Love - and activate, then express THAT.

It's about allowing.

"A vibration of activation allows. Activation is not restrictive, nor does it consider any block to its path forward. Activation does not focus on what is unstable or broken. It looks for what is in working order and magnifies that, creating harmony and equality." -- Micheila Sheldan


When I take clients through my Find Your Uniquorn: a Creative Intuitive Treasure Hunt Journey, our goal is to coax that magical (but often shy and nervous) unicorn inside of you into the open, where she can fully shine.

We play around with how easily art-making becomes when you Know that whatever you create is already perfect!  We create from that place of possibility and curiosity, allowing anything and everything to arise, and our creations become energetically pure. They are unfiltered, unapologetic. They are powerful.

And as we embrace the energetic purity of heart-centered intuitive art-making - moment by moment, without a goal or prediction as to what might happen - we receive powerful energetic nourishment through the very process of creating. We automatically light up and accelerate healing from within.

And then we naturally impact others with our ever-brightening glow!