An Anahata Codes Full Monty

Ever wonder just what the heck the Anahata Codes ARE? And what magic they can unpack in YOUR life?

I've done a number of blog posts and free Assisting Frequency videos to bring through Codes for the collective. They're definitely helpful, and the quantum-level support is there.

But I've also mentioned the benefit of a 1:1 Anahata Codes session to specifically target YOUR unique intentions, in YOUR unique experience. The Codes can never be activated unless for Highest Good, so any Code you install and activate WILL be supportive, even if you don't specifically know "why."

But what an alchemist could create the most powerful combination just for you?

What if, like my client below, you wanted more confidence and to feel worthy or receiving? And what if you had someone (like me!) who could intuit the best questions... to elicit the best combination of frequencies... to provide the support you need to get you there? At a quantum level? Affecting the past, present, and future, because All Time is Now.

Heather offered to allow me to record - and publicly post - her recent Anahata Codes session in full. Because there really are no words for the depth of this work.

I need to show you.

This first video takes you through my pre-session process of choosing the questions (the relevance and quality of the question is most important), finding the Codes, and noticing the themes that emerge.

The second video shows the actual installation session, where we connect with the Codes and activate the available quantum-level support.

Watch the magic unfold...

And if you're ready to dive deep 1 on 1, here's the link to schedule your own powwow with yours truly!