Why Don't I Talk More About Design?

I've been a professional self-taught graphic designer for nearly 20 years now. I started with print design and logos, then applied my skills to the World Wide Web "back in the day" when Netscape was alive and well (and a pain in the you-know-what when it comes to web design).

Current layout-in-progress: print flyer for Being Medicine event with  Rangzom Tsele

Current layout-in-progress: print flyer for Being Medicine event with Rangzom Tsele

In fact, most of my professional 9-to-5s have relied heavily upon my graphic design skills. Whether my role was "web development project manager" or "marketing account manager," "front end web developer/CSS specialist" or even plain ol' "graphic/web designer," my natural eye paired with mad skillz in Adobe Creative Suite added extra value to whatever "official" position I was offered. Because I excel most when I'm able to cross over.

And the freelance graphic and logo design clients who find me now are DIVINE. But it took awhile for that to happen, especially in the online space.

Part of that comes from the oversaturation of "graphic designers" online. Many of whom aren't really experienced designers per se, but have suddenly happened upon a slick tool like Canva and decided to hang out a shingle anyway. Or entrepreneurs who've suddenly discovered cheap prefab logos on sites like CreativeMarket, passing them off as their own designs - and ususally with high price tags.

One entrepreneur whom I met in a business FB group discovered Canva and suddenly began billing herself as a "graphic designer" who charged rates higher than mine - and got them! Which can frankly be discouraging to someone like me who's got years of skills and real-world experience (plus my intuitive gifts).

Various stages of building the final logo design for  Human Energy Station with Rebecca Heartfly

Various stages of building the final logo design for Human Energy Station with Rebecca Heartfly

They say "competition is a myth," which is ultimately true, yet in the fast-moving online space, we're no longer being measured by virtue or talent. We're literally competing for attention. There's a glut of scarcity mindset and less-than-honest marketing tactics taking advantage of that. And often it's not even real, experienced, talented people we're competing with but the illusions which have been carefully constructed to guarantee you're not going to ask the real questions. What I've witnessed in the online space is largely untruth.

And this is one of the large reasons I've backed away from marketing myself as a "graphic designer" or "marketing designer" or "web developer." Because those labels far from honor the depth of what I do. And they definitely don't honor the art. Or the energy. They've become overgeneralized commodities.

The blend of art and energy makes up what I believe to be THE foundation for any visual presence. Because this magical blend transcends words. It elicits a visceral reaction. It hits you in your SOUL, even if you're not consciously aware of the cause and effect. And when you pay attention to the art and the energy, you've got more than a "logo design" - you're wielding a powerful tool.

So, I don't talk more about design - I don't focus on marketing myself as a "graphic designer" or "logo designer" (logos are the absolute MOST fun for me) because the design encompasses the energy.

The energy comes first.

In order to tap into the power of the visual tools, the energetic alignment needs to be pure and strong (I'm able to tune into your true potential or that of your business and energetically encode that in my designs). And in order to be able to reach that pure energetic alignment, my clients must be willing.

They must be willing to toss aside any "advice" about "branding" that the business coach of the day has given them. They must be willing to face the unknown, and to listen to soul speak instead of mind noise. They must be willing to put on blinders to the latest entrepreneurial trends (ie, glitter, gold, specific fonts and layouts) - because if "everyone's doing it," no matter how popular "it" is, I can assure you the energetic alignments don't match!

So, I no longer push and peddle my graphic design services. They're there, mind you - even here on my site! But my website - and my social feeds - focus mainly on my art and healing (including my own oracle decks and my create your own oracle deck courses - because they merge the visual form with the energy in a powerful way). I create art, I teach art, and...

I am also a healer.

Screenshot of my art- and healing-heavy  Instagram feed .

Screenshot of my art- and healing-heavy Instagram feed.

Which means I'm also able to assist my clients in identifying the energetic support they need to EMBODY their potential. Which is much more than any old generic "designer" will do, and which is a fundamental part of casting away the old and drawing in the new.

We identify limiting beliefs and then clear them. We install and activate personal recipes of quantum Anahata Code frequencies to activate the resonance needed to match desired potentials. We use the 10 Meditations Clearing Statement from Sacred Embodiment: the Method to clear anything preventing the achievement of goals. We use Sacred Activations to target the reasons, causes and sources of belief patterns and karmic loops through all time, space, dimension, and reality. I can even encode my clients' logo designs with unique Sacred Activations and Anahata Code combinations to increase their alignment with empowerment!

I don't focus on design because design is only one vehicle. Yes, a beautiful and soul-aligned logo is attractive and energetically evocative. And yes, I definitely enjoy graphic design! But I'm here to be a teacher. I'm here to lead you to your potential as a Creator.

And to be a beacon for those who are ready and willing to go deeper than graphic design - and finally SOUL ALIGN.